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Archive for November 16, 2012

Trash or Treasure?

It rained through the night and I was halfway hoping that it would continue to downpour through the morning so I could skip a day of walking. Chuckle. Yet, lo and behold, the sun was beaming, beckoning me to come outdoors. And, yes, I am so glad I did. Sasha was delighted! She loves her long walks.

As we came to our favorite spot, twenty plus acres of undeveloped property that belongs to our neighbor two doors down, we spotted an area where someone left their trash. Disheartened and curious, I rummaged through it. I discovered that quite a few items could be salvaged! In fact, they were treasures in disguise. There were unopened jingle bells, shower hooks, plastic platters, and so much more.

Why anyone would toss out these items into the environment to rot is beyond me. At least find a new home for these items or donate them to a thrift shop. As it was, I adopted these treasures in disguise. I cleaned them all up with the help of my wonderful husband, as you can see. Much of it will recycled/reused into artwork and crafts; and, others will be donated. I often find it astounding at times the items people will throw away. In another country, you would not see such items abandoned.

Then I started thinking, sometimes people are mistaken as trash because of their outward appearance, what they wear, what they drive, how they walk and so on. Are they not really treasures in disguise? We have a tendency to dismiss people who do not “attract” us. I do not like to admit it, but I have been guilty of this, especially in my youth. Can I blame society, modern marketing and advertising? Perhaps, but as I have matured, I see that everyone should be valued. Each of us is a treasure! Sloppy or not, shiny or dull, spiffy or grungy, each of us is wonderful. Imagine the marvelous world we would live in if we valued everyone and gave each person who crossed our path a chance to shine as a treasure in our lives.


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