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Grateful to be a Creative Life Coach

I am blessed and grateful that I am in a profession where I get to inspire people. Tonight I had the privilege to encourage Jane Sebastian during a fabulous creative life coaching session. Jane is working on some profound projects and goals as a Life Alchemist; and, each week we connect to evolve her creativity, which in turn facilitates her growth as a Life Alchemist and Entrepreneur. Jane had several doable goals for this upcoming short work week of Thanksgiving, where she needed some focus.

I am having her clear her work area of any distractions. She will set up only the tools she needs to complete her goals and an activity I assigned to focus and inspire her. It is a appreciation-creativity exercise that I fashioned called Gratitude Strips. Jane will start each work session by taking a strip of color printer paper that she will pre-cut into 1 inch by 11 inches rectangles. On that strip she will write, “I am grateful for the opportunity to …” and she will complete the sentence as it relates to her projects and goals. She is to take a moment to think and reflect about what she wrote on that gratitude slip. This activity will help Jane focus and spur a bit of inspiration and creativity into her work session.

Jane is totally excited and inspired. I am looking forward to our check-in session next week. She is doing phenomenal things with her goals and her dreams. And, you can, too!

I invite you to try Gratitude Strips with your upcoming goals for the week. When you do, I would love for you to share your experience with me. You can contact me (Dr. Angela K. Orobko) by visiting my website: www.HeartsThatCare.net and go to contact us.

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