a tickle of words to create smiles

Shine Upon the World

We are ALL natural beauties; it stems from within our heart and spirit; and shines upon the world if you allow it. It starts with a smile in your heart. When you are in a blissful state of mind, and you are not harboring any negativity, your natural beauty shines brightly upon the world. You really do glow!

If you take a moment to pause and release the stresses of the day, you will feel it. A great way to do this is to take one to three long, deliberate breaths as you really experience and delight in that moment. It is yours to enjoy. No matter how busy our lives are, we can take a full minute for ourselves, even if it is in the privacy of a bathroom stall (and what a great place to release all your stress).

Remember, your thoughts become things. When you think joyful and beautiful thoughts, then joy and beauty become reality. You will feel a warmth in your heart and being. Really, you will. You only need to embrace it, choose it and believe it. Let your inner beauty shine upon the world.

(The image is from my art journal; you can find out more about my art journal experiences on my Blissful Art blog as I will be posting more on the process and my techniques in the days to come.)

Comments on: "Shine Upon the World" (3)

  1. Hey you are so right. Beauty is only skin deep if it doesn’t originate internally. Inner happiness does indeed cause a glow, a sort of aura that projects a peacefulness to the world.

  2. I love this, Angie. A smile is perhaps the cheapest way for clearing the way to joy and bliss. Even in my own life, I can see exactly where my moments of distress have brought suffering or sadness or (at the very least) inconvenience to those around me. The search for contentment is, therefore, not merely an act of self-preservation, but also a generous gift to the world. When I set out to clear away my misery, I get myself out of the way, such that I stop being an obstacle to joy – for both myself and for those I love. Only then can I truly be free to live. Thank you for this reminder, my friend. ~ Love, Bobbie

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