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Take a Stand

I have found that when I have strong convictions for certain issues like addressing negative behaviors and bullying with respect and kindness, my life has direction, purpose and meaning. I am happy. I am not floundering around seeking what is not in my heart.

Some people, who are uncertain where they stand with life issues will vacillate, which often leads to dissatisfaction, unhappiness and disappointment. Fulfilled lives start with a strong belief and/or a passion for something, which gives you direction. Consider your own heart, your beliefs and your passions. What excites you? Let this lead your actions and you will find satisfaction and joy.

If overcoming bullying is your passion, too, then please seek me, Dr. Angi at HEARTS T HAT CARE (www.heartsthatcare.net).

Comments on: "Take a Stand" (4)

  1. I can truly relate to this, Angi. When I am dealing with matters relating to my students, I find a drive better than any compass. My conviction and my compassion are a strength that affords me both beauty and fearlessness. In those moments, I leave my ego behind, and find myself much lighter…… 😉 Beautiful reminder. ~ Love, Bobbie

  2. RIGHT ON! If you can’t take a stand, you might as well sit downn. haha
    Good point though, taking a stand is important in life and makes you a person with character, not just a character.

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