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Good for Something

To simply be good and do the right thing is respectable and adequate; however, to truly be good for a cause and for a purpose would be noble and magnanimous. Consider at this very moment, for what do you truly live your life. Do you live for love and kindness; do you live for family and honor; do you live for friendship; do you live for democracy; or do you live for all of these things and more? Or, do you simply obey the rules and conform to society? I invite you to think about what truly inspires you to live as you begin each day of your life.

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  1. Dr. Angi,
    Your message reminds me of a story (on the lighter side). A child asked his dad for a dollar because the child was good all day long. The father replied, “when I was your age I was good for nothing”. Thank you for your daily positive blogs; they are inspiring.

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