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Home and Heart

Home is where the heart is. You make your home wherever you are spiritually connected. A home is so much more than four walls and a roof. A home is where love is found in abundance; it is encouraged and appreciated. My home is filled with many delightful memories and tokens of love. It is warm and inviting, as well as, fun and joyful; furthermore, if I were ever uprooted from my house, I would always carry my home in my heart because of the love and joy I have experienced in my home. What does your  home look like?

Comments on: "Home and Heart" (10)

  1. My home looks like my pups, jumping up…always excited to see me. My home is my hubby cooking or baking something that smells and tastes amazing. My home is the shelter of his arms & the beat of his heart. The brick and mortar build the house. The licks of my dogs, the honesty, love and acceptance of my hubby…these things build my home. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. My home has always been my sanctuary from the world. Might sound a bit hermit-ish, but that’s the way it’s always been for me. Home should always be a place where love and PEACE resides. My oasis! 🙂

  3. our home is ne 9 by 5 meter room under and enoroumous strangler fig on mountian in the middle of nowhere, it was interesting when we moved here I saw who I care for most, because the very few things i have for comfort and decoration came from the ones my most cherished people

  4. Beautiful, Angi. Home is where acceptance is never surprising. ~ Love, Bobbie

  5. Yes indeed, sticks and stones may make a house, but love and family make a home. Thank you for the exquisite explanation of the great difference the heart makes.

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