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My Joy…Their Joy

What brings you joy, ultimately brings joy to others. ~ Dr. Angi K. Orobko

Most often, I find when I am doing what I really enjoy, I bring joy to others, whether it is in my art, in my writing, in my teaching or in my creative life coaching practice. My enthusiasm and joy radiates from me to others. Guess what? Your passion and enthusiasm will shine through in those things that you honestly love to do! Really!

in ALL those ACTIVITIES that  you really LOVE to DO!

It is a joy to watch someone truly get into his or her groove, no matter what the task, job or activity. It is a lift to be around people who love their jobs from your local grocery cashier, to the postal worker who delivers your mail, to the police officer who is directing traffic around an unsafe situation, to the teacher who instructs your children, to the news reporter on your local television station, and so on and so forth.

Also, if you choose to put joy in your work at hand and really appreciate it, you will get a lift from your job. It will almost feel like playtime instead of WORK. So, as we close out November, the month of gratitude, consider putting in a bit of joy and gratitude in all you do! Let us greet December as the month of the joyous and generous spirit. December is such a magical month.

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  2. Icing on the cake? Passion and excitement not only shine through. It’s contagious!

  3. Dr. Angi,
    Thank you for your positive blog. I am looking forward to December and also 2013.

  4. I love this, and yes, I too love to watch someone who has a passion for what they’re doing, just as I feel a deeper connection with my ownself when I am giving my all to something I love. My students sometimes refer to it as ‘borderline soapbox’ though. 😀 Would that we grab hold of everything with such passions, such joy in being. Thank you, Angi. ~ Love, Bobbie

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