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New Traditions


Create new traditions to bring more joy and unity into the lives of you and your loved ones! ~ Dr. Angi K. Orobko

In December we celebrate love, joy, generosity, charity, Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, rebirth, return of light, and so much more. How we choose to celebrate the holiday is entirely up to us. We can choose to create new ways to celebrate the season. The possibilities are endless. Take the opportunity to invite input from your loved ones when you create a new tradition or two. Ask yourselves, how can you best celebrate? What will make this season for you and your family more meaningful?

My loved ones and I celebrate Christmas each year. Yes, we usually put up a Christmas tree and exchange gifts; but, more importantly we honor the birth of Jesus Christ, as well as, prepare our hearts for the second coming of our Lord. This preparation can be in many forms, but ultimately it is being Jesus and Love for others, whether it is in the spirit of giving gifts and/or sharing time and talents.

I love the idea of creating care packages filled with necessities and goodies for people in need. I love the idea of doing deliberate and anonymous acts of love and kindness each week in the name of Jesus and Love. These can become new traditions in my family. There are countless other things we can do and I am open to receive any ideas my loved ones have in mind. How about you? Are you going to create a new tradition this December?

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  1. Each to celebrate with their beliefs in tact, accepted by, all others for a peaceful universe.

  2. Angi, as you are such the creative type, I wanted to share this beautiful tradition with you, which was started probably 25 years ago by an aunt of mine. She is no longer with us, so it is mine to carry.

    She purchased a linen tablecloth, and had everyone sign it (everyone there the first year). Later, she embroidered each name into the cloth before washing. Since then, the tradition continues each year, and some names are there 25 times (although changed as children get older, and the older get older). Some are gone, but still they are part of our love and the reasons we celebrate. Precious moments are spent each year tracing the names of those no longer physically present.

    At some point, we’ll need to buy a new cloth and start anew….with the traditions of love to carry us always. ~ Love, Bobbie

  3. Our family tradition for Christmas is to go to Christmas Eve Mass and then come home and open the presents and have our special snack of German potato salad, hot dogs, pan de pascua, and egg nog. A new tradition may be to daily (not just Christmas) say something nice to friend or stranger alike. Hopefully this can turn into a wonderful habit.

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