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How Do You Say Goodbye?


How do you say good-bye to loved ones, those who have left their earthbound bodies? How do you let go of your companions and family (four-legged or two)? The answer is… you don’t, nor do you need to let go or say good-bye.

Memories of our loved ones are in our minds; and, their spirits are in our hearts. They are always with us. We only need to think of them and feel them. Yes, their physical bodies are no longer with us; but, they are indeed with us… without pain, without disease, without any earthbound limitations. They are with us as pure love and positive energy. Yes, it is hard to embrace that concept.

We miss seeing their physical presence! They are no longer where we expect them. We are grieving the change. The tears are good. Do not be ashamed to cry. Release the sadness, so you can make room for the serenity that will follow.

Your loved ones are just a thought and a prayers away. In fact, your loved ones are always with you, watching you, supporting you and loving you the best way they know how. Invite their spirits into your heart. Talk to them aloud, in a whisper or in your head; they will hear you. Feel their love envelop you. Feel their warmth pour into your heart. Hold onto those moments and savor them. You will feel the peace, as you feel tears stream down your face. Does it get easier? I cannot answer that question because each of us grieve differently and on our own timelines.

I do wish to send out my love, my prayers and my positive energy to all those who are missing loved ones. I miss my aunt who passed this past January. Christmas was her favorite holiday, as it is also my cousin’s (her daughter’s) birthday. This is going to a very difficult time for my cousin. My love and heart goes out to her and her family.

More recently, my sister had to put down her fur-baby kitty-cat, Gracie.

Gracie was just 5 years young, still a kitten in many respects; but, Gracie has suffered this past month from an unknown condition. Gracie could not eat, unassisted. She was having difficulty breathing, too. It was discovered Thursday night that Gracie had a rare disease, which was causing Gracie to basically starve to death. It was very painful. My sister had no choice. She had to let Gracie’s physical body die, so Gracie would no longer suffer. This transpired late Friday afternoon. This weekend has been difficult for all of us.

Gracie was a very special kitty cat. My sister rescued Gracie when she was a tiny kitten from a hot engine of a hospital van. My sister immediately took her to a veterinarian who saved her by the grace of God…thus her name, Gracie. Gracie became the hospital mascot and my sister’s fur companion. Gracie’s life touched many. Gracie was a sign of hope and lived a wonderful life filled with love. Gracie will be missed, but we all know she is in a better place where pain and suffering will no longer touch her. Rest in peace, Gracie. We love you.


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  1. Dear and touching. Thanks for linking Gyspy’s blog to this.

    Be well. Blog on …

  2. Thanks for the link. Nice piece. I wrote a piece about my dog Callie last May… our pets are like family. Loss is just very hard.

  3. Dr. Angi,
    Thank you for the beautiful blog about loss of loved ones, be they relatives, friends or pets. Yes, grief is hard, but necessary and yes, loved ones live on in our memories. And finally, yes, often death is a relief from earthly pains and suffering and the most humane choice. Thank you for your kind blog on this very personal and sensitive subject.

  4. We don’t miss what we don’t love. That which makes us weep is the same love which will heal…… Thank you for this glimpse into the truth of love, Angi. Love never ends. ~ Love, Bobbie

  5. I’m sorry to hear about Gracie. I’ve had many furry loved ones leave this plane, and it’s always heartbreaking for me to see them go. I also have a sick dog now, who is doing fairly well on medicine, but she’s fragile and I don’t how long we’ll have her with us.
    You’re right that as time passes it’s easier to feel their spirits. Sometimes, I even receive synchronistic messages from my furry angels, particularly from my first cat who was with me for fourteen years. It took me years before I could think of him without crying, but now I feel his presence with me often.
    My deepest condolences to your sister. It does get better, though grieving has its own time for each of us. My prayers go with you and your family.

    • Dear Karen. Thank you for your heartfelt words as they bring comfort to my heart and soul. I will forward your condolences to my sister. I know she will deeply appreciate them. Thank you for the prayers. With love and gratitude, ♥ Angi

  6. My kitty (Lacey) had to be put to sleep when my second child was born – I never had time to grieve the loss of my cat – I was too busy with my newborn, and basking in the joy of a perfect new child. It never felt right. I felt so cold and empty for not having that time to grieve.
    Then a couple years ago we got our new kitty (after 3 years without a cat). I went down to the basement to get the old cat carrier to clean out and prepare for our new arrival. It was all dirty and dusty, in the basement collecting dust for 3 years. The same blanket was in there from the last time it was used, to bring Lacey to the vet to be put to sleep.
    And finally there in the basement as I removed the blanket and started cleaning the cage, I started to cry.. then sobbed… (FINALLY sobbed)… and I joyfully embraced that long-awaited moment of grieving.

    • Oh, Wendy, what beautiful example of how each of us grieve in our own way. Thank you for sharing your story about Lacey and grieving. I am certain this will help others who are having similar grieving experiences. ♥ Angi

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