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Determination by: Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko (aka Dr. Angi)

From the first break of light
Into the dark of the night
It keeps me inspired
in my ongoing flight
of Determination.

From here to there
Or anywhere
My path is illuminated
by the gentle and strong air
of Determination.

The challenges I face
The goals I embrace
The celebrations that
will fill my space
is all due to Determination.

What is determination? I believe determination to be a firmness of purpose that focuses one’s energy to follow through on tasks, goals, intentions and dreams. Determination is a decision and a choice one makes.

Determination is often coupled with persistence, resilience, excitement, anticipation, and sometimes anger, especially when someone tells you that you cannot do something. It is that determination that makes you want to prove him or her wrong. The success you feel after achieving through your determination is often very satisfying.

Determination often comes after you have come to a decision about a specific aspect of your life such as a career or a relationship. I am determined to complete a much-needed book that addresses bullying in a very creative way.  I am determined to be creative and write a little everyday. What are you determined to do?

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