a tickle of words to create smiles


The past couple of days have been beautiful with the sun shining and clear skies. I deeply appreciate the sunshine. It’s radiance and brilliance always lifts my spirits. It was not hot nor was it cold. It was a comfortable temperature, where no jacket was required.

Yesterday, I was able to do a bit outdoor activity…pulling up the last season’s growth to make room for the spring. My husband was able to help me and we enjoyed the sun together. Sasha, my puppy-at-heart dog delighted in helping as she took a hold of the roots and pulled along side with us. We all enjoyed a lovely day together. I do love and appreciate sunny days.


Comments on: "Grateful for Sunshine (TY-10)" (3)

  1. When the sun doesn’t shine, there are people like yourself that takes the sun’s place. Thank you for bringing sunshine to my life every day!

  2. We were recently blessed to be able to spend a week in Palm Desert, CA. I don’t think we saw a cloud the entire time. It gave a new perspective … The sun is a great giver of life for sure … Sending many blessings your way …

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