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Appreciating Time (TY-14)


I am grateful for time; and, this weekend we get the hour back we saved over the spring for daylight savings time (in my part of the world). The beauty about time is we (usually) receive the same amount daily to use as we wish. We do have choice in this even if it seems like we do not. For instance, a commute to work takes a certain amount of time that is pre-designated; however, you can utilize the time by repeating affirmations in your mind as you drive, listen to inspirational music or a book on cd/tape.

Time is truly our best friend and it needs to be appreciated. Too often we allow time to slip away often unnoticed without really using it to do something productive,  positive, or memorable. I intend to spend a moment of time to really appreciate the time I have; and, this weekend I am grateful to have an extra hour.


Comments on: "Appreciating Time (TY-14)" (4)

  1. Taking the TIME to finally leave a comment on your blog today! Too much time has passed since connecting with you! Thankful for your blog and for knowing you, Angi!! Blessings!

  2. Thank you Doc Angi for taking (or making) the time to do your TY series. I am sure it is appreciated by your readers……………time will tell.

  3. Time, they say is what keeps everything from happening at once!

  4. ….and yet it never really gone……..never lost…….for always, it sits the night warm against our soul……… Let us use it well so that tomorrow’s sun is sweeter. ~ Love to you, Angi. ~ Bobbie

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