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Friendship 001

Friendships can often be taken for granted, especially those long-standing since childhood. I deeply appreciate all the interpersonal relationships I have and had in my life. Each person with whom I engaged in conversations, activities and other events have played a significant role in molding who I am today. I deeply care about each of my friends, no matter how long I have known them and no matter if I have ever met them face-to-face or not.

Each interaction has been special and I am grateful for each moment we shared, whether we exchanged e-mails, comments, talked on the phone, responded or posted on Facebook, Tweeted, blogged, etc. I deeply appreciate the time involved and the thoughts behind each moment, where you have thought about me. Thank you so very much for being a part of my life!

Comments on: "Grateful for Friendship (TY-16)" (4)

  1. I agree totally. Friendship is very important. Humans are social animals (who wrongfully engage in wars some time). It’s blogs like yours that will lead to better and more understanding relationships. Thank you!

  2. I AM so grateful for you Dr. Angi! Your kindness, caring and creative Spirit have made a positive difference for me as for many others! I still have your beautiful art bag and though it didn’t work last time I tried it (too much else going on at once!), I still plan to pass it on in 2014! You have been an ‘internet’ friend and a continued inspiration ~ thank you!

    • I am deeply humbled; thank you so very much! It is a pleasure to be able to inspire you and others. I am blessed and privileged to have made your acquaintance via the magic of the internet. I know one day we will meet face-to-face. ♥

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