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Bad moments do not make you a bad person. ~ Dr. Angi

We all have our “moments”, but those moments do not make us bad people. Each of us have our own unique sensitivities and coping skills. Another’s actions may or may not evoke a reaction from me; but, it would evoke a reaction from someone else.  That reaction does not make that person bad. It is only when he or she is not sorry for the reaction or bad moment that would taint his or her character.

Empower your loved ones. Give them the opportunity to forgive you and to need them. People feel valued and appreciated when you consider their emotions, ask for forgiveness and/or help. Our vulnerabilities such as bad moments make us human; furthermore, love yourself enough to forgive yourself. We cannot go on forever holding onto the bad moments in our lives. Why relive them? It is better to move forward and do better next time. How we choose to act after our bad moments is what really counts.


I am deeply grateful for forgiveness. It empowers me to let go of hurts, fears and negativity, whether I am forgiving others, myself or giving others the opportunity to forgive me. A little compassion to ourselves and others goes a long we toward creating peace, harmony and joy. Lots of positive actions and feelings do come from letting go of the hurts and negativity. Forgiveness is key to happiness, which is a very good reason to appreciate it. Let go of the hurt and the shame. Forgive others and yourself.

Comments on: "Grateful for Forgiveness (TY-28)" (6)

  1. Thank you Angela for the pinback and your beautiful post about forgiveness 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Windy Kai: Hummingbird Studios and commented:
    I loved this post and had to share. It was something I Needed in my life right now! So Thank you!

  3. I remember when I first learned that forgiving is something I do for my own mental and spiritual health, not for the other person. That helped me let go of a lot of things. Being humble enough to know when we’ve wronged someone and ask for forgiveness is also something I can do for myself. It can be tough sometimes, but it’s worth it. Thanks for the reminder.

    Congratulations on your SITS day. I hope it’s a wonderful day for you.

  4. This is lovely. Thank you for referencing my post also.

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