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The Winds…(of Sandy)

The Winds… (of Sandy)
by Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

The WINDS…they gust
with sinister lust,
powerfully bending the trees.

The full moon tides
that coincide,
flooding our lands willfully.

Heartfelt prayers and love
signaling the angels above,
to deliver us from hurt and destruction.

As time passes by
the wind still cries,
causing fear and dysfunction.

But we will soon see
through this melee
that we are more than just survivors.

Material things we can replace,
but not the human race,
so, let us hang on to each other.


As my husband was born in Canada, we are celebrating Thanksgiving today. And, we get to celebrate again in November. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It affirms my belief in gratitude and appreciation. Happy Thanksgiving! Below is some information I found on Canadian Thanksgiving.

In 1957, the Canadian Parliament solidified the Canadian people’s folk practice of giving thanks for a bountiful harvest by declaring the second Monday in October the official day of Thanksgiving. This year, Thanksgiving Day is October 8. Thanksgiving has a long history in Canada and is a holiday forged out of the Canadian people’s history and desire to give thanks for all the good that surrounds their lovely land.

Canadian Thanksgiving traces its roots across the Atlantic as definitively as it is rooted in its own heartland. The original concept of Canadian Thanksgiving is traced to an old European farming custom in which farmers were known to band together to toast a plentiful harvest. The first known Thanksgiving celebration on Canadian shores was hosted by a European explorer named Martin Frobisher who enjoyed an impromptu harvest feast upon washing his ship ashore in Newfoundland around 1578.

Frobisher famously gave thanks not only for the delicious feast he was enjoying, but also for his and his crew’s good fortune at having avoided the many dangers found on the high seas. The third, much noted aspect of Canadian Thanksgiving’s origin, is attributed to the many Loyalists (Americans who remained faithful to England) who moved north to make a new home in Canada. Loyalists brought with them many American Thanksgiving traditions that were adopted into the Canadian holiday. (from: http://www.spfdbus.com/thanksgiving/happy_canadian_thanksgiving.htm)

I found this poem on a Facebook post and I felt it appropriate to share. May all my Canadian readers, friends and family have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

T = for time to be together,
turkey, talk, and tangy weather.
H = for harvest stored away,
home, and hearth, and holiday.
A = for autumn’s frosty art,
and abundance in the heart.
N = for neighbors, and October,
nice things, new things to remember.
K = for kitchen, kettles’ croon,
kith and kin expected soon.
S = for sizzles, sights, and sounds,
and something special that abounds.

Author: Unknown

Deliberate Scribbles

Today has been a rainy and deliberate scribble kind of day. I recommend that you get out a scrap paper and just joyfully scribble. Scribble out your plans for the week. Scribble how you feel. Scribble the first thoughts that come to your head. Just allow the flow of the pen lead the way. If you are artsy, get out the markers, paintbrushes, crayons or even finger paints. Tap into your inner child and enjoy a few moments of playtime.

Here are some things to deliberately scribble about (I turned them  into a poem):

Happy moments. Melancholy whimsy Moody, creepy monster faces.

Get-to-do lists. Wishes and intentions. Joyful, colorful memorable places.

Favorite foods…plan some meals.

Holiday ideas. Things to make with zeal.

Activities or items you want to try.

Doodle flowers, bees and butterflies.

Scribble spirals, circles and other shapes;

Create, invent, sketch some funny  grapes.

Add words, phrases, or a favorite quote.

Feel free to include a reminder or a note.

Scribbling is a great way to get started in anything you feel you need to do, as it allows the ideas to flow without self-judgment or self-criticism. It is not a waste of time even if you have chores to do. Scribbling allows you to organize how you want to do things and motivates action. Are you ready to take time for yourself and reconnect with your inner child? Take time to enjoy deliberate scribbling and see how it will lift your spirits to move you into productivity.

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The Message in a Toadstool

A toadstool…

…fears NOT the darkness.

…thrives and grows in muck.

…stands tall and

…keeps its head high.

What can you learn from a toadstool?

Then and Now


Where did the time go?
You were just a puppy.
Now you are full-grown.

Where did the time go?
You were once small.
And now you stand tall.

Where did the time go?
Then you were so fragile.
Now you are so strong.

Where did the time go?
The puppy I had at the start,
Will always be a puppy in my heart
Even though you are an adult.



Cool Thoughts On a Hot Summer Day

Cool Thoughts On a Hot Summer Day
A poem by Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Sitting under a tree’s cool shade.
Delightfully enjoying ice cold lemonade.

Or perhaps wading around in the ocean blue.
With large, cool waves crashing over you.

Eyes are closed, waiting for a welcomed breeze.
Succumbing to a summer daydream of butterflies and bees.

Ice cream truck sings a familiar tune,
From a time of our youth, gone too soon.

Popsicles, Nutty Buddies, and Ice Cream Cups.
Mom and Dad usually hooked us up.

Ah, splashing around in the neighborhood pool.
Water balloon fights were so amazingly cool.

Thoughts of winter crosses our minds
Visions of snow and icicles, how divine.

Summer storms, lightening, thunder and rain.
Lowering the temperatures enough to keep us sane.

Air conditioned movie theaters are a great way.
To spend some time during the heat of midday.
Enjoy some cool thoughts on a hot summer day!

Happy Independence Day!

It is a time for
Nationalism by honoring our
Democracy, Independence, Liberty and
Equal rights.
Patriotism bounds as we participate in parades,
Enjoy cookouts and watch fireworks.
Never letting go of the American
Dream, this
Nation is able to
Celebrate and
Embrace freedom.

Daring to be…
Amazing and free…
You and me.

Happy Independence Day!

I am proud and delighted to be a citizen of the United States of America. I appreciate where I live and feel blessed to be born here. In all my travels, I have seen wonderful cultures and countries; however, I have not found another that surpasses the United States. God Bless America.


playful and kind

here and there


tangled and
never bland
refusing to be a brand

simply undefined

Letting Go…


by Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

When you feel like you are in overdrive,
Feeling pent-up pressure, staying alive!
Then it is time for Letting Go!

Release, vent and breathe in some air;
Allow, permit, feel free to share…
Worries, fears…be gone, good-bye!

Invite in the love and the joy,
Positive energy, presently employ.
Embrace this time of Letting Go!

Stormy weather comes with its gloom,
But its rains help the flowers to bloom.
Mother Nature knows the wisdom of Letting Go!

Let go of the sorrows.
Let go of the fear.
With the tomorrows
Invite and choose cheer.

Now is the time for Letting Go!

(For the drawing of the Gift of Love bag; I will announce the winner tomorrow. I needed a few days to let go and relax ♥ Angi)

Ode To Gaia

Ode to Gaia

Your colors are so divine,
With every flavor like sweet wine.
Abundant and bountiful are your treasures;
If only we use in moderate measures.

There is absolutely no need,
for the sense of lack, fear or greed.
You, dear Mother Gaia, are pure love.
Your gifts are everywhere, below and above.

You deserve so much in return,
yet nothing you expect just discern
what adjustments humans must make
to bring back equilibrium without mistake.

For we all know in our hearts that you will find
A way for life to go on with or without human kind.
Foolish people may continue to believe
That we can go on without reprieve.

We must always keep you in our embrace,
And stop all our shameful waste, a disgrace.
On this designated day, let us love and honor you,
In all your magnificent glory of green and blue.

Update: In my haste to post, Ode to Gaia, I forgot to tell everyone my sister and father had a hand in the last 6 lines of this poem. We co-created this poem in honor of Earth Day. Thank you so much for reading it. ♥

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