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How to Keep New Year Resolutions…

First of all what are resolutions? Resolutions are those decisions you make that you wish to follow through. I resolve…solve again? It is making a firm intention or a determination; it is a formal expression of opinion or intention. Let’s go with the definition that involves the word intention. When you make your intention for the year:

1. Be specific, delineate; examples: instead of saying I will be fit in 2012, define how; for example: I will add 10 more minutes of activity a day and eat more fruits and vegetables instead of white breads and pasta; instead of saying I want to write more this year or I want to write a book this year, set out a plan of writing 3 to 5 pages a day.

2. It is important to take small, baby steps and five-minute starts. For example: taking 5 minutes to plan a meal or to write a paragraph or to walk around your home to get in a little activity.

3. Visualize your end result whether it is fitting into your favorite outfit or seeing a finished product.

4. Seek help. Join a fitness club or program; get a writing coach; or find good writing prompts.

5. Get a buddy to keep you on track. A fitness witness or scribe tribe who will keep you accountable.

6. Reflect often. Look back on the progress you have made and the accomplishments through the year (graph your progress). Yes there may be moments where you slip up or do not follow through; but, the overall sense of accomplishment is there. You are making the effort.

7. Celebrate. Be sure to pat yourself on the back for each day you are moving towards your goal and intention for the year.

For me, there are so many things I wish to accomplish and I will share it all here on A Kiss of Bliss. ♥

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