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Dream, Visualize, Action!

Even the smallest action steps will make your dream a reality.
~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

There are many expressions revolving around this concept, such as, Rome wasn’t built in a day; and, you need to learn to walk before you run. Once you have a dream; visualize yourself as you have already achieved it. Imagine the steps it took you to get there. Then, start doing them. Everyone started out the same  way you did…naked and inexperienced.

If you want to be a writer, then write a little every day. If you want to be an artist, create art daily. If you want to be more athletic, then do a little more physical activity daily. If you want to be a size 8 (or less), then take small action steps daily to get there like track your food intake; and, burn more calories than you consume. If you want to change the world, make it more positive and feed the hungry; then be the change you wish to see. Express more positive emotions and start a food drive in your own locality.

Dream your dream. Visualize it. And then show up to take small actions steps toward it.

Do More…

Do more than exist, LIVE.
Do more than touch, FEEL.
Do more than look, OBSERVE.
Do more than read, ABSORB.
Do more than hear, LISTEN.
Do more than listen, UNDERSTAND,
Do more than think, PONDER.
Do more than talk, SAY SOMETHING.

– John H. Rhoades

What holds people back from DOING MORE? For most people, it is FEAR! These individuals need to give themselves permission to DO MORE. Fear is such a party-pooper. Fear holds people back from TRULY experiencing life to its FULLEST!

Why do people play the “what-if this or that happens” game? Certainly NOTHING exceptional will happen to these individuals if fear holds these people back! Consider the following…why simply just exist, touch, talk, when you can do so much more? LIVE! FEEL! SAY SOMETHING!! Do more than plan, TAKE ACTION!!! MOVE! DANCE!! And be open to POSSIBILITIES!


Yes, WHELM is a word that does exist; not just in overwhelm. According to Merriam-Webster’s On-line Dictionary (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/whelm), whelm is (1) to turn (as a dish or vessel) upside down usually to cover something that is to cover or engulf completely with usually disastrous effect; (2) to be overcome in thought or feeling as in overwhelm  (whelmed with a rush of joy — G. A. Wagner) ; (3) to pass or go over something to bury or submerge it.  A sample sentence using whelm is: The news so whelmed them that they were stunned into silence.

Whelm does not have to be as negative as when one thinks of overwhelm; however, to be overcome with thought and feelings can put one in a place of inaction. Transforming this whelm into action is key to moving forward. Examine the whelm and reflect upon it. What feelings and thoughts are putting you into whelm? Sometimes, it is just not knowing where to start. Write it ALL down either on paper, on an electronic device or even verbalize it by stating something like, “I feel like a zillion things are going on; I have to do this, that and the other, there is not enough time in my day to complete this, that, and the other, etc”.

Try to narrow that whelm down into doable thoughts and feelings that you can address at this very moment, like right now. A great way to look at whelm is to doodle them. Draw little sketches of those things that are putting you into whelm. Label each doodle or sketch, use thought bubbles, and allow those things that bring you whelm become things that are lighthearted and fun. Then reflect on why those things are putting you into whelm.

Let’s do a bit of a mind shift. Consider this, can you break each of these down and compartmentalize or box them? Now, just take one box at a time as if it were a gift, a gift that you can both handle and enjoy in this present moment because each of these gifts will gradually take you out of whelm and put you in a place called accomplishment, success and joy. Let whelm put you in a place of action not inaction. Do you see that you do have choice and control of how you address whelm?

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