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Hand-written Notes

There is something special about receiving a hand-written note.
~ Dr. Angi K. Orobko

Hand-written notes and letters are such a gift! I feel that the person behind it took that extra special time to scribe it just for me. Handwriting is becoming a lost art as more and more of our children are learning keyboarding instead of handwriting. I am aware that many school system’s no longer require and/or include cursive writing in their lessons anymore. I feel that is quite a loss.

With the dawning of computers and hand-held digital devices, more and more of us are typing and text-messaging (texting). Our own language cannot even keep up with the new verbs we are creating as we type messages on our mobile phones and other electronic devices. Furthermore, our words have been reduced to acronyms. LOL (laugh out loud) Am I the only one finding it hard to keep up with all of this digital-techno-speak?

Oh, please do not misunderstand. I do appreciate the convenience of being able to communicate any time I like, 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week); but, it does seem just a tad bit less personal. Don’t you think? The internet is certainly an amazing source for information (and misinformation).

Most questions can be answered at the tip of our fingertips by doing a Google search. Has “google” become a verb? I googled it and Wikipedia states that the Oxford English and Merriam Webster Collegiate dictionaries have added it in 2006. Really? And yet, my spellchecker has it red-lined. Hmm!

Let me get back on the topic of hand-written notes. On the one side, I love receiving them. On the other side, I love to write them. Why? When I hand-write a note, a letter, or a journal entry, it allows me to slow down and take time and reflect. It can be quite meditative.

One of my favorite gifts to give others especially around the holidays are hand-written messages (in their holiday cards). I believe these messages are deeply appreciated, even though many of my loved ones do not reciprocate this. I usually get a Merry Christmas and a signature. It saddens me to think that holiday card exchanges have been reduced down to a chore. This is a golden opportunity to scribe a special message to share how much we appreciate our family and friends with hand-written messages. Consider taking the time to reflect and appreciate your loved ones this holiday season by sending a  hand-written message of love, appreciation and blessings.

Celebrating Dr. Angi

Today is my birthday (Sept 19), and, so many loved ones have already posted wonderful birthday wishes for me on Facebook for which I am deeply GRATEFUL!

I feel so blessed to have so many loved ones in my life, family, friends, and many on-line connections who are dear to my heart on many social and professional networks, as well as, here on Word Press. I hold on to every word you say and make an effort to reply to every comment. I do my best to keep up with all my fellow bloggers and their wonderful articles. Each of you have been a source of inspiration to me in various ways.

If I may be so bold as to ask you to do something for me in honor of my birthday. It is totally optional, but it would warm my heart if you could step outside your routine sometime today (or this month) and do something kind either for yourself, a neighbor, a friend, a loved one, a complete stranger or the environment….and let me know what you did.

Many of you know I am doing a Gift Of Love Campaign where I am creating 100 gifts of love to spread around the world. (see www.heartsthatcare.net for more information). This deliberate act of kindness that you do in honor of me would be an AWESOME extension of this campaign and a great way to make POSITIVE changes for the world. It all starts with small acts that each of us can do.

I deeply love and appreciate each and every one of you! God bless you and all your loved ones. ♥ Dr. Angi

What Do Others Think Of You?

What others think of you is none of your business. The only thing that is important is what you think of yourself.
~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

What makes us wonder what others think of us? Is it our need to be loved? Is it the fear of being alone? The ironic thing about it, we attract loved ones into our lives when we can let go of the concern of how others think of us. We can relax and be ourselves. People enjoy being around other people who are confident and not concerned about what others think of them, which ultimately invites gossip….”did you know he said this about you; and, she thinks this about you?”

Oh, sure, who doesn’t enjoy getting praise and compliments, but, does it really matter what others think of you? As long as you are true to your character, your talents, your passions, then the opinions of others does NOT matter. Simply be genuine, authentic and honest with yourself. Be the best you know how to be. Do what you love and delight in your being. The only important thing is how you think about yourself, your level of confidence and your self-esteem. Furthermore, after all is said and done, you are the one who has to live with yourself. It is your life. Enjoy it.

Simplify…Less is More

Clutter-free space liberates the creative spirit in me!
~ Dr. Angela Kowitz

I came across this magazine article, Twenty Ways to Simplify Your Life: Less is Really More by Amy Flurry, which dates back to 2001; but, it is still relevant today. Much of the article is advice for households with children, but there are many good ideas that apply to everyone. I am taking liberty to paraphrase much of her wisdom… mostly just using her 20 taglines.

1. One In, One Out. The thing I most struggle with is managing all my stuff…the art supplies and books I have amassed. The golden rule is one thing in, one thing out. For me that is easier said than done. The “one in, one out” rule can also apply to scheduling events. Don’t take on another event or project until you completed one.

2. Streamline Appointments. Grouping appointments (and errands) together is a fabulous idea, especially if you have a family of children. Schedule all medical appointments together and try to get the first one in the morning, because you will have less wait time. I streamline my errands. If I need to do grocery shopping then I dovetail and include as many other errands with it such as: stopping of at the library, post office, dry cleaners and refueling my car with gasoline.  There is no sense in making special trips, which wastes time and gasoline.

3. Pad Your Schedule by One Hour Each Day. This gives you wiggle room for inevitable, unscheduled events and SNAFUs (Situation Normal All Fouled Up). Furthermore, padding your schedule with extra time gives you a bit of guilt-free time and breathe-easy room for you to share with friends or downtime for yourself.

4. STOP Justifying Your No’s. Who says you need a reason to say NO to a request or invitation. With gratitude, thank the person who asked, and state that you cannot do it at this particular time. Put yourself in their shoes, would you want to hear a bunch of excuses. No. If you can’t make an event or do a task, other people will. This affords them the time to ask others.

5. Envision The Life You Want. If all obstacles were eliminated, what would your ideal life look like? An activity I do with my professional life coaching clients is to visualize yourself already there in your ideal situation. Include as much detail as possible. Then have your future ideal self tell your present self tips on how he or she got there. You will be amazed how wise you already are!

6. Replace The Word “SELFISH” With “SELF-CARE”. This is something I do often and have my loved ones and clients do often! There is absolutely nothing selfish about putting your needs first. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others, lest you become drained, tired, crabby, or even sick. Think of the airplane adage…place the oxygen mask over yourself first before you even think about helping others.

7. Trap Your Time Thieves. Track your time. List everything you wish to accomplish along with the estimated amount of time you believe it will take. Then check them off and write down actual time spent on each activity. Did other things pop up into your schedule? Jot those down. Often, we just do not know where the time went. This gives us a visual tool to trap the time thieves.

8. Underpromise And Overdeliver. For all you Trekkie fans, do you remember how Scotty always promised to fix things in a given amount of time; but, often it was ready before the estimated time…just in the nick of time to get Captain Kirk out of a sticky situation. When you do promise to help on a project or event, give yourself ample time to complete it. The best of businesses follow this practice. I adore my car mechanic…I took in the car in on a Thursday afternoon; he promised to have it ready no later than Tuesday morning (his shop is not open on the weekends). He delivered my car ready, Friday at 10:30 a.m. I was delighted to have the car for the weekend!

9. Balance Your Expectations. In fact detach yourself from results and focus on the process. You will just stress yourself out with unrealistic expectations whether you place them yourself or others.

10. Extinguish Emergencies Fast. In other words, prepare for the worst case scenarios before they become emergencies. Keep your emergency supplies stocked and fresh; have all important documents in a safe and secure place, etc.

11. Make “Low-Maintenance” Your Motto. Choose low-maintenance fixtures, flooring, surfaces and furnishings to decrease the time spent on the upkeep of your home. This also applies to landscape. Container gardens or planting perennials are a great alternative to having to plant annuals every year.

12. Think Of Ways To Cut Down On Work. Look at what creates more work and/or interrupts your time and come up with a clever solution. One thing that comes to mind for me are meals. I  prepare enough food for at least two meals and wrap up leftovers for future meals in individual servings. This reduces work and time!

13. Make Room for Spontaneity. Keep a few days open each month free of social plans or commitments to allow for “free-time” to enjoy family and/or doing things you really love to do. Use these uncommitted times to recharge your batteries, connect with nature and truly relax, mediate and daydream.

14. End Mealtime Madness. Involve the family in meal preparation by assigning each person a specific task. With children, make them each a super hero with powers to set tables and clear them off. Make it fun for them as you teach them responsibility. Make if fun for yourself, too.

15. Be a Supermarket Star. Have an ingredient list handy for several quick-fix meals and keep your pantry stocked with them for those evenings when you are frazzled or stressed. You get double score points for catching sales because you were prepared and you know what you need because of that handy list.

16. Make Communication Foolproof. Have a central place in your household for phone messages, mail, bills, important papers, etc. Hang a large calendar there for everyone to jot down important dates; and, keep sticky-notes and pens at the that central place for messages (love notes) to each other.

17. Take a Joy Break. What simple activity to you take delight? Perhaps it listening to birds sing in the morning or watching the moon rise at night. Take a moment everyday to indulge in that simple pleasure.

18. Form a Clean Team. This is similar to number 14; establish what chores need to be done in a regular basis to maintain cleanliness in your home. Delegate each task to family members. Give each chore a clever name and make a game of it. Have fun and delight in doing such “chores” as the TOILET AVENGERS.

19.Get a Grip On the Gadgets. When the next techno-neat-o item comes into the market and it whets your appetite and tickles your got-to-have-it heart, ask yourself: Do I really need it or do I just want it? Do I already own something that does the same thing? Would it really make my life easier or is it going to take up more space? You may already need to weed out some of the gadgets you already own. Look in your cabinets and closets. You might consider having a garage sale or donate the excesses.

20. Give Your Home a Makeunder. Put the most effort into the 2 or 3 rooms you enjoy the most. Decorate with the things that brings you the most joy, things that are the most functional and most of all, keep it simple.

Overall, the best way to simplify your life is to accept all things as they are. Enjoy and delight in the moment. You are where you need to be. Then you can look at how you can tweak the quality of your life and weed through the minutiae.

Bare Necessities!

When we take care of our bare necessities…nutrition, fitness, rest and engaging activities, then we are re-energized and inspired to nurture others.
~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

I was able to truly take care of myself today, especially in the area of resting. I have been going and going and going like the Energizer bunny. Recharging my batteries did wonders for me today!

Now I feel like I can take on my tasks with a blissful heart and move forward in all my projects. It feels great. Are you taking care of your bare necessities?  How is your nutritional intake? Are you getting in some fitness training? Are you getting enough sleep? What engaging activities are inspiring you? Sometimes it is good to check-in with yourself and make certain you are getting everything you need.

Tomorrow is the kick-off to another school year for our grade-school aged children. Some have already started school. This is a fabulous time to re-evaluate ourselves and our families. May it be a blessed year for all our loved ones in the school systems. May it be filled with wonderful and engaging activities that will inspire our children to be the best they can be. I know our God will watch over the children and all those involved in their lives, and be there for them as they are receptive.

Is Yours Worth Catching?

Nothing invites more positive attention than a great attitude along with a captivating smile! ~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Attitudes are truly contagious. I make an effort to keep my attitude positive especially in the face of negativity, challenges and emotional vampires (people who literally exhaust you emotionally). When I continue to share love and kindness in all my actions with no expectation of anything in return, I ultimately feel better. My energy level is higher.

Have you seen this in your own experiences? Go into any situation with a positive attitude and you will feel great afterward. It is a double blessing when you receive a winning outcome, especially if the others involved come out of it with a positive attitude. This builds positive relationships with people.

On the flip side, when you go into a situation with anger or another negative attitude, most likely you will infect others. They will be negative right back at you. That would benefit no one! Nothing invites more positive attention than a great attitude. Awareness is key; keep your attitude in check. Remember, attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?

Miss Things


Funny, how we do not miss things until we no longer have them.
~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

I told my sister this when I learned that her microwave oven stopped working, yesterday; and, she wanted to warm her coffee this morning. She had to use the stove-top. Then I started thinking this is not only true of those convenient appliances in our lives, but also with people in our lives. How often do we stop and truly appreciate the loved ones in our lives?

My life would be different without my husband, my family, my friends and my fur-baby (puppy-dog, Sasha). I try not to become complacent and take for granted that they will always be in my life. I am grateful for the reminders such as not having use of my car and computer, both of which I had to do without for a few days this past week. These temporary hassles serve to jostle my memory of what and who is important in my life. Yes, I missed not having my computer and car as these are important to my livelihood; but, I would miss my loved ones even more.

Surviving tragic events in our lives such as hurricanes, fires and tornadoes serve as eye-opening reminder of exactly what truly is important in our lives. Things can be replaced. People cannot. Let us count our blessings and appreciate the loved ones in our lives. And, let me take this moment to let you know how much I appreciate you for reading my blog. You are wonderful and I am deeply grateful!


Bouncing Back…

Bouncing back from a challenge in our life inspires others and ultimately brings joy to everyone.
~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Bouncing back and recovering from a disheartening situation is resilience. Some people are more resilient than others. How do they do it? I believe resilience is developed over time through overcoming difficult times in our lives, whether it be the death of a loved one or coping with hurtful words. Seeing the blessings in our situation is one way to do this.

Consider the following questions like: What can I learn from this? What is good about this? What is the gift or opportunity in this situation? What is funny about this? This will help us gain a different perspective of a difficult situation and allow us to grow from it to become more resilient. Bouncing back from a challenge in our life inspires others and ultimately brings joy to everyone.

Success and Happiness

Success cannot be measured in material things and money; these do not guarantee happiness. Success and happiness come from valuing your abilities, celebrating the positive, appreciating the present and being flexible.
~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

What is success (to me)? Success is my ability to appreciate each moment, to celebrate the positive points in my life, to face the challenges head-on, to be open to learn new things, to be decisive and goal-oriented, and to look forward. Success is what I make of it, as thoughts become reality.

I make a point to think positive thoughts. I try not to entertain negative thoughts especially those of others. Only my thoughts truly count. I count my blessings and appreciate the present moment.

Each hour affords us 3600 seconds to which I wish to use wisely and positively; because once they are spent, they are gone. I cannot get those seconds back. We are not guaranteed time. So, we need to appreciate each moment we have and use each moment to promote joy and love in our lives and in the lives of others.

I try to celebrate the positive aspects of my life. This helps me to stay focused to the important anti-bullying work that I do. Reliving the negative would only serve to distract me sending me into a downward spiral to despair. Why go there? Each of us has an abundance of positive moments in our lives that we can embrace and celebrate. This brings joy to our lives, which is followed by productivity and success.

I embrace new learning experiences and face challenges head-on. I am open to new ideas and opportunities to create a solution. I can detach myself from old ways of thinking when they no longer serve me. Possibilities are endless to those who can see beyond what they think they already know.

Success comes when I have a vision. I look to the future. My past mistakes have given me the fortitude and experiences from which to build. I have learned what does not work. Success becomes inevitable. Happiness follows as I have grown to appreciate myself, my abilities, the present moment and all the loved ones in my life.


Life is more joyful when you can bend and detach yourself from specific outcomes.
~Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

I had to be very flexible today and it was not easy. In fact, I was quite upset until I was able to detach myself and bend. I had to look at my challenge with fresh eyes. Only then was I able to see many possible solutions and release the negative feelings I was experiencing.

It was one of those days when nothing seemed to work; but, after assessing the situation, I was able to resolve it. It is not the outcome I expected, but it is satisfactory. Everything that happens in our lives, happens for a reason. We will not see it until after the situation and other outcomes have come to pass.

I can breathe easier, now; and, I am more joyful than I was earlier. By allowing ourselves to be flexible, bend and detach ourselves from specific outcomes, we will be able to move through life easier and happier.

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