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Too often we put limits on ourselves as we try to define who we are. In an era of branding ourselves, I believe we are putting limits on who we can become.  Last month I focused on “New Beginnings” and did many art instructional videos…see link… as I explored various art techniques.

Although it was fun to make the videos, it was also confining and limited me. I became remiss in keeping up with my writing and other activities that I enjoy and wanted to do. This month I am going to break my mold, as I expand and spread my wings to see how magnificent I can become. I encourage each of my friends, family members and followers to do the same. Time to cut loose the ropes (brands/definitions) that bind us and test different waters.

New Beginnings


As we kickoff a new school year in my hometown, I like to give myself a clean slate… A NEW BEGINNING. Starting Monday, September 1st, I am challenging myself to create consistently and regularly in many areas of my life. I will be expanding my imaginative spirit in art, writing and grate-full living. I plan on documenting my progress this year in writing, in expressive art, in photography and video.

The THEME I have chosen for SEPTEMBER is NEW BEGINNINGS; and the prompt for week 1 is: EXPLORING LINES.

As I embark on this creative journey, I will share my writing and grate-full living experiences here on A Kiss of Bliss; and, I will share my artwork and art techniques on Blissful Art.

You are invited to join me. You can share your progress in the comments here on my blog or join my Facebook group – Art, Buddies And Creativity: www.facebook.com/groups/ArtBuddiesAndCreativity.  You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AKOrobko where I will be posting videos of my journey. Here is the link to the kickoff video of this challenge: http://youtu.be/YCODHqqsi-I?list=PLoCvvdbjmEyUfbBSUEXvqHU4v1uRSTGHm

My Joy…Their Joy

What brings you joy, ultimately brings joy to others. ~ Dr. Angi K. Orobko

Most often, I find when I am doing what I really enjoy, I bring joy to others, whether it is in my art, in my writing, in my teaching or in my creative life coaching practice. My enthusiasm and joy radiates from me to others. Guess what? Your passion and enthusiasm will shine through in those things that you honestly love to do! Really!

in ALL those ACTIVITIES that  you really LOVE to DO!

It is a joy to watch someone truly get into his or her groove, no matter what the task, job or activity. It is a lift to be around people who love their jobs from your local grocery cashier, to the postal worker who delivers your mail, to the police officer who is directing traffic around an unsafe situation, to the teacher who instructs your children, to the news reporter on your local television station, and so on and so forth.

Also, if you choose to put joy in your work at hand and really appreciate it, you will get a lift from your job. It will almost feel like playtime instead of WORK. So, as we close out November, the month of gratitude, consider putting in a bit of joy and gratitude in all you do! Let us greet December as the month of the joyous and generous spirit. December is such a magical month.

Grateful to be a Creative Life Coach

I am blessed and grateful that I am in a profession where I get to inspire people. Tonight I had the privilege to encourage Jane Sebastian during a fabulous creative life coaching session. Jane is working on some profound projects and goals as a Life Alchemist; and, each week we connect to evolve her creativity, which in turn facilitates her growth as a Life Alchemist and Entrepreneur. Jane had several doable goals for this upcoming short work week of Thanksgiving, where she needed some focus.

I am having her clear her work area of any distractions. She will set up only the tools she needs to complete her goals and an activity I assigned to focus and inspire her. It is a appreciation-creativity exercise that I fashioned called Gratitude Strips. Jane will start each work session by taking a strip of color printer paper that she will pre-cut into 1 inch by 11 inches rectangles. On that strip she will write, “I am grateful for the opportunity to …” and she will complete the sentence as it relates to her projects and goals. She is to take a moment to think and reflect about what she wrote on that gratitude slip. This activity will help Jane focus and spur a bit of inspiration and creativity into her work session.

Jane is totally excited and inspired. I am looking forward to our check-in session next week. She is doing phenomenal things with her goals and her dreams. And, you can, too!

I invite you to try Gratitude Strips with your upcoming goals for the week. When you do, I would love for you to share your experience with me. You can contact me (Dr. Angela K. Orobko) by visiting my website: www.HeartsThatCare.net and go to contact us.

Time to Bond…


I had the most wonderful couple of days! I got to spend time with two phenomenal women, Mikell and Deborah. Mikell opened up her home to me as we shared our hearts. Deborah joined us the next night for dinner, when we spent time together and really got to know each other on a deeper level.

The whole experience reminded me the importance of developing deep and meaningful bonds. Two years ago, we became acquainted via an on-line life coach certification program with thirty other wonderful women. Mikell, Deborah, Carrie and I were part of a cohort of  four, in which we discussed lessons, completed a couple of team  projects, and supported each other. (Carrie was not able to join us this time; however, I am certain she will next time.)

Mikell, Deborah and I were able to really connect at a profound, meaningful level when we spent time face-to-face. The interpersonal relationship we had established with each other two years ago was greatly enhanced, as we exchanged and expressed stories of ourselves and our interests openly, honestly and with admiration for each other. It was powerful! I wish we had more time together. I am certain we will manifest more opportunities to get together. The past couple of days allowed me to appreciate and realize the value of time and energy given to develop and strengthen the bonds with others in our lives. It is vital to share time and energy in order to nurture interpersonal relationships. How have you spent your time and energy these past couple of days?

Simplify…Less is More

Clutter-free space liberates the creative spirit in me!
~ Dr. Angela Kowitz

I came across this magazine article, Twenty Ways to Simplify Your Life: Less is Really More by Amy Flurry, which dates back to 2001; but, it is still relevant today. Much of the article is advice for households with children, but there are many good ideas that apply to everyone. I am taking liberty to paraphrase much of her wisdom… mostly just using her 20 taglines.

1. One In, One Out. The thing I most struggle with is managing all my stuff…the art supplies and books I have amassed. The golden rule is one thing in, one thing out. For me that is easier said than done. The “one in, one out” rule can also apply to scheduling events. Don’t take on another event or project until you completed one.

2. Streamline Appointments. Grouping appointments (and errands) together is a fabulous idea, especially if you have a family of children. Schedule all medical appointments together and try to get the first one in the morning, because you will have less wait time. I streamline my errands. If I need to do grocery shopping then I dovetail and include as many other errands with it such as: stopping of at the library, post office, dry cleaners and refueling my car with gasoline.  There is no sense in making special trips, which wastes time and gasoline.

3. Pad Your Schedule by One Hour Each Day. This gives you wiggle room for inevitable, unscheduled events and SNAFUs (Situation Normal All Fouled Up). Furthermore, padding your schedule with extra time gives you a bit of guilt-free time and breathe-easy room for you to share with friends or downtime for yourself.

4. STOP Justifying Your No’s. Who says you need a reason to say NO to a request or invitation. With gratitude, thank the person who asked, and state that you cannot do it at this particular time. Put yourself in their shoes, would you want to hear a bunch of excuses. No. If you can’t make an event or do a task, other people will. This affords them the time to ask others.

5. Envision The Life You Want. If all obstacles were eliminated, what would your ideal life look like? An activity I do with my professional life coaching clients is to visualize yourself already there in your ideal situation. Include as much detail as possible. Then have your future ideal self tell your present self tips on how he or she got there. You will be amazed how wise you already are!

6. Replace The Word “SELFISH” With “SELF-CARE”. This is something I do often and have my loved ones and clients do often! There is absolutely nothing selfish about putting your needs first. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others, lest you become drained, tired, crabby, or even sick. Think of the airplane adage…place the oxygen mask over yourself first before you even think about helping others.

7. Trap Your Time Thieves. Track your time. List everything you wish to accomplish along with the estimated amount of time you believe it will take. Then check them off and write down actual time spent on each activity. Did other things pop up into your schedule? Jot those down. Often, we just do not know where the time went. This gives us a visual tool to trap the time thieves.

8. Underpromise And Overdeliver. For all you Trekkie fans, do you remember how Scotty always promised to fix things in a given amount of time; but, often it was ready before the estimated time…just in the nick of time to get Captain Kirk out of a sticky situation. When you do promise to help on a project or event, give yourself ample time to complete it. The best of businesses follow this practice. I adore my car mechanic…I took in the car in on a Thursday afternoon; he promised to have it ready no later than Tuesday morning (his shop is not open on the weekends). He delivered my car ready, Friday at 10:30 a.m. I was delighted to have the car for the weekend!

9. Balance Your Expectations. In fact detach yourself from results and focus on the process. You will just stress yourself out with unrealistic expectations whether you place them yourself or others.

10. Extinguish Emergencies Fast. In other words, prepare for the worst case scenarios before they become emergencies. Keep your emergency supplies stocked and fresh; have all important documents in a safe and secure place, etc.

11. Make “Low-Maintenance” Your Motto. Choose low-maintenance fixtures, flooring, surfaces and furnishings to decrease the time spent on the upkeep of your home. This also applies to landscape. Container gardens or planting perennials are a great alternative to having to plant annuals every year.

12. Think Of Ways To Cut Down On Work. Look at what creates more work and/or interrupts your time and come up with a clever solution. One thing that comes to mind for me are meals. I  prepare enough food for at least two meals and wrap up leftovers for future meals in individual servings. This reduces work and time!

13. Make Room for Spontaneity. Keep a few days open each month free of social plans or commitments to allow for “free-time” to enjoy family and/or doing things you really love to do. Use these uncommitted times to recharge your batteries, connect with nature and truly relax, mediate and daydream.

14. End Mealtime Madness. Involve the family in meal preparation by assigning each person a specific task. With children, make them each a super hero with powers to set tables and clear them off. Make it fun for them as you teach them responsibility. Make if fun for yourself, too.

15. Be a Supermarket Star. Have an ingredient list handy for several quick-fix meals and keep your pantry stocked with them for those evenings when you are frazzled or stressed. You get double score points for catching sales because you were prepared and you know what you need because of that handy list.

16. Make Communication Foolproof. Have a central place in your household for phone messages, mail, bills, important papers, etc. Hang a large calendar there for everyone to jot down important dates; and, keep sticky-notes and pens at the that central place for messages (love notes) to each other.

17. Take a Joy Break. What simple activity to you take delight? Perhaps it listening to birds sing in the morning or watching the moon rise at night. Take a moment everyday to indulge in that simple pleasure.

18. Form a Clean Team. This is similar to number 14; establish what chores need to be done in a regular basis to maintain cleanliness in your home. Delegate each task to family members. Give each chore a clever name and make a game of it. Have fun and delight in doing such “chores” as the TOILET AVENGERS.

19.Get a Grip On the Gadgets. When the next techno-neat-o item comes into the market and it whets your appetite and tickles your got-to-have-it heart, ask yourself: Do I really need it or do I just want it? Do I already own something that does the same thing? Would it really make my life easier or is it going to take up more space? You may already need to weed out some of the gadgets you already own. Look in your cabinets and closets. You might consider having a garage sale or donate the excesses.

20. Give Your Home a Makeunder. Put the most effort into the 2 or 3 rooms you enjoy the most. Decorate with the things that brings you the most joy, things that are the most functional and most of all, keep it simple.

Overall, the best way to simplify your life is to accept all things as they are. Enjoy and delight in the moment. You are where you need to be. Then you can look at how you can tweak the quality of your life and weed through the minutiae.


Transitions are those times in people’s lives when change occurs. A person moves from one time or event in his or her life to another. It can be a physical or spiritual change. Smooth and gradual transitions are easiest to a person’s being. Transitions are neutral in the sense that one can transition from a joyful existence to a negative one just as easily as one can transition from an existence of negative energy to one that is positive and joyful. In a sense, each person is in a form of transition as each person is physically aging from one moment to the next.

Besides aging, many also have emotional, spiritual and/or career transitions. How one chooses to feel during this transition is entirely up to that person. Transitions can be difficult if a person holds onto the past, whether it is regret or a longing to be who he or she once was. Letting go of the past is will ease the transition. Another harmonious way to handle a transition is to be completely present in the moment. What are you experiencing or feeling, right now? You can choose to see each present moment as a blessing and a gift.

Consider all those things that bring you joy or activities you would like to try. Do not hold back, indulge in those activities that you bring you joy or you believe you will bring you delight. These events in your life will ease all the hard transitions you are making in your life. Remember, each of us are in some form of transition. Everyone is in the flow of experiences. Embrace your transitions and let go of any negative feelings that seem attached to it.

The unknown factor, when one is in transition is the scariest. Fear arises when a person does not know who he or she will become or how he or she will end up. Consider this, you are in control of your feelings and you get to choose how to react or respond to each and every thing that is presented to you. How do you feel at this very moment?

What would you like your future to look like? It is good for a person to have a vision of what he or she would like to become. This will help a person create goals and strategies to get there; however, it is best to be open to all experiences as often life may give a person shortcut or an opportunity. So, let go of any limiting beliefs and keep your sights wide.

Another idea, is to be the person you want to become (mentally). If that person is a successful writer or artist, then take on that persona. There are many ways to get from here to there. There is no one correct path when a person is in transition. 

Also, consider your community, with whom do you spend time? Is the influence of your community aligned with your beliefs and values? What kind of connections have you made with others? How can they help you during your transition? What is your level of enthusiasm and zest for life? Are you in balance? What do you have right now that you are most grateful? Consider every aspect of your life and visualize everything in it that has been a blessing. Is there a way to build upon the blessings in your life to ease the transition in you are experiencing? Most of all, embrace your transitions. Transitions are a part of everyone’s life.

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