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Mapping Yourself and Your Dreams

Yesterday, I talked about being the writer, director and producer of my life. One of the tools I use is a concept map. Concept maps are graphic organizers, which are visual displays of information such as a chart or a graph. Concept maps start with a central idea from which you expand outward. In this case, the central idea is me. I am the central point of the this map. Around me are all my needs, goals, intentions and affirmations for the day, week, and the months ahead.

Concept maps are great to use for defining an idea, creating an outline for a story, developing a timeline for a business. Concept maps can be made daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. For students, a concept map is a great tool for studying any topic, especially when the student generates his or her own concept map. A concept map displays a great amount of information on a single page. There are endless possible applications for concept maps. Consider using a concept map in defining you and your dream or planning your next project or event.

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