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We appreciate life more when there is strife. ~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Extreme weather patterns in the past ten years have rendered many with unforeseen challenges. It is during these times we appreciate more what we did not lose, such as loss of the lives of loved ones. Oh, the joy, when we can use the water again and enjoy the restored electricity and telecommunications. Some people may have to restore or even rebuild their homes; but, once they have survived that hurdle, they can enjoy their new surroundings and be grateful that it was only their house they lost.

It is that contrast that brings out awareness and gratitude. When we are sick, we appreciate our health. When we are cold, we appreciate warmth. When we are without, we appreciate what we have or had.

As we grow older, we appreciate our youth when we gaze longingly upon photographs from ten, twenty or more years ago. We appreciate our wisdom when we no longer fall for the latest scam that we may have succumbed to when we were young and naïve. We appreciate the freshness and openness of the countryside after being in crowded and stale city. We appreciate all the opportunities, infrastructure, conveniences and beauty that we have in the United States after traveling to other countries for any extended period of time. I am certain you can come up with many more comparisons.

I believe that if we can express gratitude and honor both ends of the spectrum in life, then we will find peace, fulfillment and joy in our hearts. Without darkness there would be no contrast to the light in our lives. Appreciate both the light and dark moments in your life and you will discover a peace in your heart. For what do you have to be grateful at this very moment?


Without shadows how can you see the light? ~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

It would seem that Punxsutawney Phil, the famous groundhog of Groundhog’s Day made the following proclamation:

“As I look to the crowd of Gobbler’s Knob

Many shadows do I see

So six more weeks of winter it must be.”

This is humorous because we will always have six more weeks of winter astronomically; and, in the southern hemisphere, they will have six more weeks of summer.  This brings up the topic of the shadow. Shadows have usually taken on a negative meaning; but, how can you have any contrast without shadows. Shadows bring positive aspects of our lives into the light. Shadows should be honored and recognized for their role in our lives. In art, shadows help one to create depth in an art piece. Shadows are what make circles appear to look like spheres and squares into cubes. 

It was Charles Dickens who stated:  There are dark shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast.  Indeed, Mr. Dickens is correct for you see, stars shine brightly in the dark shadow of the night sky; whereas in the morning light they fade into the background. This example clearly illustrates the importance of shadows in our lives. That being said, we need not walk into darkness of the shadows but only honor them. As Walt Whitman once said, “Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” Furthermore, you need not look back into those shadows; but, if you do, remember the light is just ahead of you. How can you honor those shadows in your life and see the light before you?

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