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Hocus Pocus… Focus

When do you have the best focus? If you are like me, it is when there are no distractions and a pressing timeline. I have to give myself a deadline or my head will be in a cloud. And, I often find myself focused at the 11th hour…and then hocus-pocus I get focus! And, when I have focus, I get the creative flow. Voila, it is like magic.

What is focus for you? The text-book definitions of focus are: The state of maximum distinctness or clarity of an image; a center of interest or activity; close or narrow attention or concentration; and, a condition in which something can be clearly apprehended or perceived. So basically, focus is clarity, distinctiveness, definition, resolution, concentration, attention to detail, or point of view. For me, focus is having the ability to concentrate with clarity.

How do you get focused and how do you maintain it? As you give attention to, or concentrates on a single moment, object or task, the key to holding onto it is NO DISTRACTIONS. For me that means, no e-mailing, no social media, no telephone, no interruptions from any outside interference including my husband and fur-baby, Sasha. Sometimes, background ambient or classical music and a scented candle help me, too.

Consider the following, when using a camera, binoculars, a microscope or a telescope, you bring an image of your immediate environment, the world, the Universe or micro-universe into clarity such that it can be more easily viewed without blurriness. Focus signifies having a central point of view which is clear and easy to observe. That view is well-defined and allows you to perceive it without ambiguity, distraction or any mistaken identity. How does focus play a role in your life? Does it contribute to your creative flow? When are you able to focus? What do you focus on? How can you get others to support you when you need focus?

Trust Your Creative Flow

I do my best work when I trust my creative flow, withhold judgment and embrace my natural talents as I do what I am called forth to do.  ~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Being creative means trusting your soul, your intuition, your flow;  ignoring criticism or judgment, and releasing resistance to your natural gifts and talents. Pick up your creativity tools and have at your project, whether you arm yourself with paintbrush, crafting tool, pen, pencil or keyboard. Once the creativity flow starts, do not resist it. The hardest part is overcoming any kind of creativity blocks. Why resist when your ideas flow.

Creativity blocks will  happen. It is part of the ebb and flow of any craft. Honor the creativity blocks and give yourself a break by getting out in nature and in public. Interact. Experience new sensations and fill your well of creativity. It is through new experiences that generate new memories and allow new ideas to form.

Collect first experiences and embrace the new sensations. Try new materials. Do activities with your less dominant hand. Write, draw or do anything with your eyes closed or blindfolded. Bring in new fragrances into your studio or work space. Listen to different music. Use different lighting. Exercise before sitting doing your project. Changing up your routine is a great way to eliminate any type of creativity block.

And once you have your flow, run with it. Believe in your craft! Give it life! Do not hold back or resist the flow through self-criticism or fear. This is what makes you a creative!

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