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Focus…this word often used by people of authority wishing you to pay attention. Sometimes we tell ourselves that we need focus. The text-book definitions of focus are: The state of maximum distinctness or clarity of an image; a center of interest or activity; close or narrow attention or concentration; and, a condition in which something can be clearly apprehended or perceived.  In different disciplines, focus is defined as the following: 

Parabolic mirror at C-D for focus

 Pathology: The region of a localized bodily infection or disease. Geology: The point of origin of an earthquake. Mathematics: A fixed point whose relationship with a directrix determines a conic section. Optics: A point at which rays of light or other radiation converge or from which they appear to diverge, as after refraction or reflection in an optical system. (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/focus)

As one gives attention to, or concentrates on a single moment, object or task….this defines focus. Consider the following, when using a camera, binoculars, a microscope or a telescope, you bring an image of your immediate environment, the world, the Universe or micro-universe into clarity such that it can be more easily viewed without fuzziness. What are some synonyms of focus for you?  

Perhaps it is clarity, distinctiveness, definition, sharpness, resolution, or point of view. Focus signifies having a central point of view which is clear and easy to observe. That view is well-defined and allows you to perceive it without ambiguity, distraction or any mistaken identity. Do you see how focus can play a role in your life? What do you focus on in your world and in your life?


What is clarity? Freedom from ambiguity and indistinctness and the state of being clear, transparent or open define clarity. Clarity is a state of certainty and purity most people seek when defining themselves, their purpose and their intentions. When one’s intentions are pure and open then one can manifest his or her desires.

Clear thought, pure intentions and defined dreams are needed in order for manifestation to happen. Trust is built when people state exactly what they want and they are sincere and open with their  intentions. Amicable interpersonal relationships are created. One is compelled to support someone he or she can trust. This support may come in many forms: love, compassion, social or financial.

Think of one’s intentions as being a door, if the door is closed or ambiguous how does one invite support. It is only when one’s door is open and distinct that he or she can welcome support. People cannot support another if his or her door is closed, ambiguous or undefined, can they? At best there will be a sense of suspicion. When one has clarity in his or her purpose, dreams and intentions, then others can support his or her dreams and desires. Consider clarity when defining yourself, your purpose and your intentions and see what manifests. 

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