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Do More…

Do more than exist, LIVE.
Do more than touch, FEEL.
Do more than look, OBSERVE.
Do more than read, ABSORB.
Do more than hear, LISTEN.
Do more than listen, UNDERSTAND,
Do more than think, PONDER.
Do more than talk, SAY SOMETHING.

– John H. Rhoades

What holds people back from DOING MORE? For most people, it is FEAR! These individuals need to give themselves permission to DO MORE. Fear is such a party-pooper. Fear holds people back from TRULY experiencing life to its FULLEST!

Why do people play the “what-if this or that happens” game? Certainly NOTHING exceptional will happen to these individuals if fear holds these people back! Consider the following…why simply just exist, touch, talk, when you can do so much more? LIVE! FEEL! SAY SOMETHING!! Do more than plan, TAKE ACTION!!! MOVE! DANCE!! And be open to POSSIBILITIES!

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