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Dreams and Passion

When you make passion your traveling companion in the pursuit of your dreams, you will have an amazing journey and meet extraordinarily positive outcomes.
~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Dreams are a culmination of memories and desires. Dreams are ultimately our largest and greatest of intentions. Passion is any POWERFUL or COMPELLING emotion. Merging dreams and passion can produce amazing results.

Dreams can be reality even sooner when we plan, build and act on the steps that will create our dreams with passion! Taking ACTION toward our dreams with enthusiasm is the BEST way to realize our dreams. Enjoying the journey in the pursuit of our dreams with strong feelings can bring such deep satisfaction and happiness.

A great instrument in making our dreams a reality is visualization. When we visualize our dreams as if we are already there we can gain insight from our future self. For example, I have a dream to be well-known, published author and artist. By visualizing daily myself as an established and renowned author/artist, I see that I have scheduled time to create, that I have a support system, that I take time to relax to refuel my well of inspiration, and so on. With that insight into the future, I can plan, develop and act on my dream. And, the more I visualize, the more enthusiasm and gusto I generate in my very core being.

Can you guess what I do, now? I am taking action steps toward my dream. What are your dreams and passion? How can you best support your dreams?

I am deeply grateful to all you for reading, following and commenting on A Kiss of  Bliss. Each time you visit and provide feedback you fuel my heart and my dreams. How can I support your dreams?

Dream, Visualize, Action!

Even the smallest action steps will make your dream a reality.
~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

There are many expressions revolving around this concept, such as, Rome wasn’t built in a day; and, you need to learn to walk before you run. Once you have a dream; visualize yourself as you have already achieved it. Imagine the steps it took you to get there. Then, start doing them. Everyone started out the same  way you did…naked and inexperienced.

If you want to be a writer, then write a little every day. If you want to be an artist, create art daily. If you want to be more athletic, then do a little more physical activity daily. If you want to be a size 8 (or less), then take small action steps daily to get there like track your food intake; and, burn more calories than you consume. If you want to change the world, make it more positive and feed the hungry; then be the change you wish to see. Express more positive emotions and start a food drive in your own locality.

Dream your dream. Visualize it. And then show up to take small actions steps toward it.

Dreams Choose You

Consider the following: ALWAYS trust your dreams. They have chosen you, as much as you have chosen them. Upon reflection, I see in my life how this is really true. I feel that every significant up and down in my life plays a role shaping my dream, which is to be an advocate of love and kindness, a source of inspiration for others and a champion of the tenderhearted. My dream has chosen me.

I had to experience certain unpleasant events in my life as to have a sense of what it was like to be bullied, emotionally wounded and be in a place of vulnerability, so I can relate to others who have been wounded. Take a look at your life and reflect. What are the repeated events that bring forth the strongest emotions? Do you feel deeply connected to these times in your life? Do they stir a sense of purpose in your life?

Does this in any way, shape or form point  you in a direction of your dream or your calling in life? Do you see how certain events have made you more courageous and/or more compassionate? What are those things for which you feel most strongly? How do these relate back to your childhood or more recent past? Do you see a connection between your dreams and your life experiences? Do you get a sense of joy when you think about your dreams? Trust your dreams and they will ultimately serve to bring you joy. 

I Dream…

I dream…

Of waterfalls, gentle rains

and shimmering streams


Of fluffy white clouds

that decorate our skies,

Of fragrant flowers

and dancing butterflies.


I dream…

In color and

in surround sound;

I feel the warmth

all around.


I dream of you,

I dream of me,

I dream of connections

that can only be

In my dreams.


Because, you see,

these sentient beings

Passed away to a place

far, far away.


Yet, when I close my eyes and

Transcend into a deep slumber,

These loved ones are with me today.


I feel their touch,

I smell their scent.

They are still here,

Like they never went.


Perhaps it is true, what they say,

We never really go away.


Our life spirit and energy

Has only transformed into

what we will not know,

Until it is our time to go.

Yet in our dreams,

We get a glimpse of how

it must be…


In that ether world,

an amazing wonderland,

a new reality.




What is clarity? Freedom from ambiguity and indistinctness and the state of being clear, transparent or open define clarity. Clarity is a state of certainty and purity most people seek when defining themselves, their purpose and their intentions. When one’s intentions are pure and open then one can manifest his or her desires.

Clear thought, pure intentions and defined dreams are needed in order for manifestation to happen. Trust is built when people state exactly what they want and they are sincere and open with their  intentions. Amicable interpersonal relationships are created. One is compelled to support someone he or she can trust. This support may come in many forms: love, compassion, social or financial.

Think of one’s intentions as being a door, if the door is closed or ambiguous how does one invite support. It is only when one’s door is open and distinct that he or she can welcome support. People cannot support another if his or her door is closed, ambiguous or undefined, can they? At best there will be a sense of suspicion. When one has clarity in his or her purpose, dreams and intentions, then others can support his or her dreams and desires. Consider clarity when defining yourself, your purpose and your intentions and see what manifests. 

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