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Dreams and Passion

When you make passion your traveling companion in the pursuit of your dreams, you will have an amazing journey and meet extraordinarily positive outcomes.
~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Dreams are a culmination of memories and desires. Dreams are ultimately our largest and greatest of intentions. Passion is any POWERFUL or COMPELLING emotion. Merging dreams and passion can produce amazing results.

Dreams can be reality even sooner when we plan, build and act on the steps that will create our dreams with passion! Taking ACTION toward our dreams with enthusiasm is the BEST way to realize our dreams. Enjoying the journey in the pursuit of our dreams with strong feelings can bring such deep satisfaction and happiness.

A great instrument in making our dreams a reality is visualization. When we visualize our dreams as if we are already there we can gain insight from our future self. For example, I have a dream to be well-known, published author and artist. By visualizing daily myself as an established and renowned author/artist, I see that I have scheduled time to create, that I have a support system, that I take time to relax to refuel my well of inspiration, and so on. With that insight into the future, I can plan, develop and act on my dream. And, the more I visualize, the more enthusiasm and gusto I generate in my very core being.

Can you guess what I do, now? I am taking action steps toward my dream. What are your dreams and passion? How can you best support your dreams?

I am deeply grateful to all you for reading, following and commenting on A Kiss of  Bliss. Each time you visit and provide feedback you fuel my heart and my dreams. How can I support your dreams?

Gifts of Love Update 5

Sometimes the best wisdom comes from Dove’s chocolate wrappers: Remind yourself to relax and Dare to dream. So, I am heeding that advice. I am taking time to relax and I am daring to dream. I dream of a world where everyone loves each other. There would be no such thing as greed as everyone would have what they needed, which ultimately stemmed from love. If my little campaign can make a dent toward my dream; then I am twice blessed.

I am taking time to really enjoy the process and put love into the artwork on each gift bag. I was able to complete 2 more Gifts of Love (#24 and #25). I might have the opportunity to give bag #2 away tomorrow and bag #3 away on Saturday. I am not going to rush this campaign. I believe the distribution of these Gifts of Love needs to be done with deliberateness, with mindfulness, and with agape love.

This campaign has brought my faith in God to a more profound level; and, it is teaching me not only patience, but also openness to new ways of seeing the world and my spirituality. As I paint each bag, I have been in communication with and praying to God. He is guiding my hand as I lay down each color with each brush stroke. It is an awesome experience. 

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