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Finding Your Wings

As I proclaim my story, I have discovered my wings. I am liberated, as I soar into the limitless possibilities. The process in discovering who I am is always evolving and once, I learned that, I found a new resolve.

I no longer need to seek who I am. I know I am where I need to be. And, I am not cemented to this moment in time. Like a butterfly, I know there are many flowers to discover in many lands. All of which are equally beautiful and nurturing. As long as I live my life with love and with gratitude, I know I am on the right path.

There are many of us who have yet to discover their stories. And, that is okay. Like a butterfly, we go through different stages in our lives…first as a caterpillar then in the pupa phase as we transform within our cocoons. As you appreciate and honor the stage of life you are currently experiencing, you will begin to feel your wings grow and get stronger. You will learn that you are exactly where you need to be and you are experiencing exactly what you need to experience.

In living and experiencing life, you are writing your story and developing your wings. Then, as you feel ready, you can go out and shout your story. And, in doing so, you find your liberating wings. These wings will never fail you as you soar into the world of unlimited possibilities.

Embrace the Colors in Your Life

We are a blending of all our life experiences…the more experiences the more colorful our life. Embrace each color in your life. ~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

From the day we are born we start experiencing life (and perhaps sooner as we are developing in our mother’s womb). Life experiences start from the moment we feel the cooler air that touches our body after being warm, secure and warm inside our mothers. One experience after another incorporate into our character as we learn how to react and behave to certain stimuli. Our personalities and characters start to evolve as we blend these experiences into our being.

The more experiences we have the more overlap we have with others who have had similar experiences. These coincidences and similarities allow us to relate to each other. We all experienced being born, but after that we start experiencing different foods, climates, smells, sounds, sights. These experiences mold us. Embracing and appreciating these experiences allow each of us to be more joyful. Furthermore, appreciating that others may have had similar and/or different experiences will allow us to develop more meaningful relationship with others, which can only serve to enrich our lives even more.

Each of us have our own set of colors that paint who we are today. As with colors, we all have had the elemental, primary experiences that everyone has experienced. As we grow and develop they amount of different types of experience create different shades and hues of personalities. Those who do not wish to experience new things will have less depth and richness in their life’s portrait. Their lives will seem “flat, dull and grey”. Whereas, if you embrace as many new experiences as possible your life portrait will be more dimensional, vivacious, sanguine and robust. You can choose what you wish to experience in your life. How colorful is your life? What new experiences are you willing to try?

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