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A Tribute to Daddy

 I would like to use this space today to write a personal tribute to my father, Herbert Rüdiger Kowitz, for Father’s Day, the best Daddy in the whole universe.

 Daddy, thank you for your loving guidance, your generous spirit and all the quality time we had as a family. You kept us safe and secure. We have lived comfortably and enjoyed many, many wonderful times together. Who knows how many more we will have, but I have learned to cherish each moment with you and Mommy.

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 I love you deeply and dearly. Thank you for wisdom and being an amazing role model. Thank you for being dependable and responsible. Thank you for your many devoted hours volunteering in the band boosters and other community service organizations. Thank you for chaperoning many band trips and being a chauffeur for all the extracurricular activities Monique and I were involved in as kids. Thank you for designing and building all the stage sets when we were in community theater. 

Thank you for your quirky sense of humor, imagination and creativity. Thank you for picking up the pieces when things in my life seemed unbearable. Thank you for supporting all my decisions even when  you did not agree. Thank you for the countless moments you have spent on us instead of  you, being the doting father and devoted husband. You have done so much for us, Daddy, the list can go on and on! I am deeply grateful and feel completely blessed that God has given us such a fabulous father and daddy.

 You are a magnificent problem-solver and always figure out every challenge presented to you from simple fix-up jobs at home to more complicated rocket science stuff at work! I admire your ingenuity and engineering mind. You have done some amazing work at NASA, but MOST of ALL you have been an AWESOME father and daddy!!!! I LOVE YOU, DADDY! Happy Father’s Day!

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