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Backwards or Forwards…it’s all the same.

I thought today I would share some cool palindromes that I discovered. Each of these statements or words all read the same backwards or forwards.

Rise to vote sir.

Madam I’m Adam.

No lemons, no melon.

Never odd or even.

If I had a hi-fi.

Doc note, I dissent. A fast never prevents a fatness. I diet on cod.

Race car.


Borrow or rob?

Oh, no! Don Ho!

Then I found that there is a whole website of them: http://www.palindromelist.net/ You know what is ironic? The word palindrome is not a palindrome; however, life in many ways is like a palindrome.

Life at times seem to take us full circle. Could it also be (in many ways) the same going backwards or forwards? I know there is humor around the idea…for example babies needing to be fed and diapered, as some of our older population end up needing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to recapture our youthful optimism and fearlessness? Children are also quite trusting and loving in their first 8 to 10 years. As we gain more and more wisdom through our experiences, can we grow to become more child-like again. Some of us do; but, there are many who stay in the cynical and fearful state of adulthood, where we believe everyone is out for themselves and we can never get ahead and similar type of (negative) thinking.

If we could just let go of that negative self-talk; then we can recapture our youth, our love, our fearlessness, and our hope. Happiness and joy would be easy. We could enjoy life more as we did as children where splashing in a rain puddles and watching clouds were fun! And, where, making friends was so easy. And, when, loving people came so naturally. And, when, climbing trees and rooftops were an adventure. So, perhaps we need to make our lives a palindrome.

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