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Go With The Flow

We are where we need to be! Give yourself permission to breathe and go with the flow. Every step we make toward our goals is equally valuable.

The steps do not need to be big. The steps do not have to be made quickly. The steps do not even have to be made in succession. We can hopscotch…go up 2 then go back one. The steps simply need to be made.

Every movement we make gets to be at a pace that we get to choose. We have the power of choice and we get to decide how and what we wish to do every single moment.

Furthermore, the more we enjoy and savor the process, the greater the accomplishment will feel when we reach our ultimate goal. When we allow ourselves to move towards our goals and intentions at a pace we are most joyful, then we are more likely to see it completely through. It will be a commitment we can stick to and promise we can keep to ourselves.

When we do things in bliss, then we are more likely to continue to do them because they are fun, they bring us delight and they bring us a sense of accomplishment. A little goes a long way. Simply go with the flow. Follow the beat of your own heart, the rhythm and tempo is yours to choose.

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