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Risk To Bloom

And then the day came
when the risk to remain
tight in a bud was
more painful than the
risk to bloom.
Anaïs Nin

Most people become comfortable and complacent in their routines; however, if these people did not risk those first baby steps, they would still be crawling. It seems that most children and teenagers seem to be more fearless than adults. They engage in risky behaviors. It is an adventure. At what point did these children and teenagers grow out of that phase. Was it when it started to hurt to engage risky behaviors, such as a sprained ankles, broken arms or perhaps speeding tickets/fender benders.

Most likely it was the emotional hurts that  the teenagers and young adults experienced, like not making the sports team, being accepted into various clubs, getting the role in the school dramatic performance or being voted in as a class officer. Young adults begin to feel they are not good enough, smart enough, or whatever enough. This creates a complacency in people, in which they would rather sit and watch someone else perform in a theatrical production, play in a tournament, sing in public, publish a book, etc. than to try it themselves. However, there comes a time in one’s life where he or she feel empty inside, like they are not leading a fulfilling life.

At some point the hunger to try something becomes so unbearable that a person decides to take the risk and engage in the activity rather than sit and watch life go by. This is when a person begins to bloom and to really live in joy! The hardest part is deciding to do it. It is a choice each person gets to make for themselves. Come out of the cocoon and become the butterfly. Go from bud to blossom!

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