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Sunshine and Smiles

Today was an amazing day. I had a great interview with Wendy Fedan of Create-A-Way on the topic of bullying. If you would like to catch the replay click here on this link: Create-A-Way Today BlogTalkRadio Wendy is a phenomenal ARTbundance Coach who utilizes her gifts in helping people create a way for their goals and dreams. I am also an ARTbundance coach with close to 20 years of experience in gifted and science education. I have inspired students to tap into their creativity to achieve their academic goals in science. I have also mentored freshman teachers. at-risk students and started anti-bullying/kindness promoting programs in which I worked.

One of my best assets has been my sincere smile. No matter how rough things could get at times, I managed to smile through it. My colleagues and students have let me know that my genuine kindness and smile inspired them; and, it often got them through the harder moments of their days. I was a ray of sunshine and hope. Actually, I believe I am still a light in people’s lives (or I certainly hope I am).

It is amazing how a simple, genuine smile can get someone through a low moment, even if it is a smile for yourself. It nurtures the heart and the soul. When you are in a low moment in your day, close your eyes and recall a memory that brought you joy. Give yourself permission to smile or even laugh if it was a memory filled with light moments and humor. Joseph Addison (a statesman, essayist and poet of the late 1600s to early 1700s) stated, “What sunshine is to flowers; smiles are to humanity.” I find this to be true.


The question of why has often been used as an excuse. Why should I? Why bother? But, why? Why? Really, why?

My answer is, “Because I can!” And, I ask, “Why not?” I have decided it is time for me to act. No more excuses! If I can be a positive change agent and an advocate of love and kindness, I will do it any way I can with every skill and talent I posses. This is my time to make a difference! Why not take every opportunity that I can to make a difference. I have learned it doesn’t take much to make someone’s day! A little love goes a long way whether it is a genuine smile, a warm hello or holding the door open for someone. 

If I can stand up for the tenderhearted, I will. If I see an injustice, I will speak up. If I do not speak up, then I am essentially contributing to the negativity! Our time to act is now! If not now, when? We can no longer sit around and ask why; we need to act. I invite you to be love and kindness wherever and however you can. Then watch it grow tenfold in the world. The more positive energy we put out there, the more we will get back. It is really that simple. 

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