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Deliberate Scribbles

Today has been a rainy and deliberate scribble kind of day. I recommend that you get out a scrap paper and just joyfully scribble. Scribble out your plans for the week. Scribble how you feel. Scribble the first thoughts that come to your head. Just allow the flow of the pen lead the way. If you are artsy, get out the markers, paintbrushes, crayons or even finger paints. Tap into your inner child and enjoy a few moments of playtime.

Here are some things to deliberately scribble about (I turned them  into a poem):

Happy moments. Melancholy whimsy Moody, creepy monster faces.

Get-to-do lists. Wishes and intentions. Joyful, colorful memorable places.

Favorite foods…plan some meals.

Holiday ideas. Things to make with zeal.

Activities or items you want to try.

Doodle flowers, bees and butterflies.

Scribble spirals, circles and other shapes;

Create, invent, sketch some funny  grapes.

Add words, phrases, or a favorite quote.

Feel free to include a reminder or a note.

Scribbling is a great way to get started in anything you feel you need to do, as it allows the ideas to flow without self-judgment or self-criticism. It is not a waste of time even if you have chores to do. Scribbling allows you to organize how you want to do things and motivates action. Are you ready to take time for yourself and reconnect with your inner child? Take time to enjoy deliberate scribbling and see how it will lift your spirits to move you into productivity.

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