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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched… but are felt by the heart. –Helen Keller

Love and friendship are above all else the most beautiful things in this world! These are things that cannot be seen outwardly, but most certainly are felt. Other things are kindness, joy, and compassion. People who recognize and are aware that they have all these things in their lives in abundance are the wealthiest people in the universe! Everyone has a plenitude of all these things, but not everyone realizes it.

How do you find your treasure trove of love, joy, kindness, friendship and compassion? It starts with releasing all negative thoughts and worries. The next step is to count your blessings and being grateful for everything you have. And, do not forget to delight in moment as you read these words; let them tickle your heart. Embrace the positive moments! Smile. Laugh. Soon you will find that you have a huge vault of love, compassion, kindness and joy! And, this will attract friendship. It really is that simple.

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