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Follow through in everything you do. Dependability is key to integrity!
~ Dr. Angela K. Orobko

When we set our intentions and make a promise to ourselves and/or to others, it is important to follow through. Be honest and be dependable! This builds love, trust and integrity…even with ourselves. It feels great when we follow through on promises we make to ourselves.

On the flip side, if feels crummy when we do not…like when we promise ourselves that we are going to get in 20 minutes of exercise right after work; and, then we do not follow through. Not only did we disappoint ourselves, but now we did not give our bodies the extra boost we would have gotten from the exercise. That is a double whammy disappointment. However, if we did follow through on that promise, it feels amazing. It really is a self-esteem and positive energy builder.

Reflect on all those times when you said to yourself, ” I am going to….” and you followed through on that intention. You did it! Ta-dah! And, it feels great! When we treat ourselves with the same integrity that we give others, it generates positive energy and love. We can then pass forward and share that positive energy and love with others. That is such a winning outcome!

Another part of integrity is honesty. A person with integrity will act honestly even when no one is watching. All those small acts where you could act dishonestly, a person with integrity does not, such as “borrowing” a dollar from your spouse, children or parents without first getting permission; or, perhaps it is telling a little lie. Is there really such thing as a little lie?

When we lie to others, we are also lying to ourselves. Lies hurt others and our own selves. Furthermore, when we “get away” with small things, it makes us very bold and brazen. Next time we will borrow five dollars without asking or tell an even bigger lie. Dishonesty can get easier and easier, but pretty soon it will get out of hand. Eventually, it hurts (at the very least) our reputations. That is a path I do not wish to go down.

In the long run, honesty is the best policy. It builds trust, dependability and integrity. When we do the right thing and follow through in everything we do, then we build positive relationships with others and with ourselves. What does integrity mean to you?

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