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Appreciating Warmth

As the days grow shorter and colder in the Northern Hemisphere, I am having a greater appreciation for warmth, for heat and for adequate layers of clothing to maintain my body heat. As I took Sasha out for her walk today, the chill in the air caught me by surprise as I didn’t wear enough layers. The warm air in my home was absolutely welcoming.

I am deeply grateful that I have a warm home to comfort me. I appreciate the sweaters, jackets, the coats, scarves, gloves and hats that I have to adequately cover me to keep me warm when I do venture outdoors. I am thankful for the blankets and quilt on my bed that surround me as I sleep keeping me toasty, comfy and cozy.

Oh, how I delight in cup of hot tea or a mug of hot cocoa on days like today. Tonight is a great night for a steaming bowl of soup or chili. I also look forward to snuggling up to my husband, later this evening. What are your favorite ways to stay warm on chilly days like today? How will you keep yourself warm as winter approaches? Relish in the warmth and be thankful.

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