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Grateful for Giggles (TY-9)


One of the most delightful sounds I know is laughter. I am grateful for giggles, chuckles and laughter; moreover, the ability to make light of life and embrace humor. As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine.

I believe that if I can giggle, I can get through most any stressful situation or tragic event in my life. One of the best emotions I know is laughter through tears; because, it is at that moment that I know I will be able to get through whatever heartache or hardship I am experiencing. Even the sound of laughter and giggles triggers joy and happiness.

I believe the giggling uplifts the spirit because it reminds us of times when we are able to laugh and giggle, such as when we were children. To appreciate giggles is to embrace blissfulness. I am grateful for giggles and laughter. (P.S. 2 months until Christmas, LOL).

Laughter… A Mini-Vacation

LAUGHTER is spontaneous fun and a mini-vacation. It can be anything that tickles your heart, as it magically alleviates any stress of the moment! Although laughter cannot be forced upon someone, laughter is contagious.

Have you ever played the laughing game? It is a game best played when you have at least 3 or more people in a group. One person just starts with a single, “ha!” The next person adds another and you get, “ha-ha”. You keep going around each group member adding another “ha!” and you keep repeating around the group of people over and over again until there is a roar of laughter, “ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.” At that point hardly anyone can contain themselves. 

Spontaneous, funny moments usually cause laughter. Jokes, puns, riddles and stories with unexpected endings are great ways to encourage laughter. Children and animals are great source of humor. Can you think of any laughable moments or favorite jokes? Are there any specific times in your life that you can now laugh about? Laughter is good for the soul. 

…It will! (Dr. Angi’s Law #1)

Dr. Angi’s Law #1

If you decide that everything is going to turn out for the BEST, it WILL! ~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Outcomes are what we make through the decisions we make and how we choose to act/react. If we decide it is going to be for the best, then, of course, it will. You may not always win or succeed; however, you can choose to believe that it was for the best. Right? And, what you decide to do next will demonstrate your character. Will you persevere? Will you rise to the occasion? Will you allow the “setback” to challenge you to try harder and/or change tactics? Failure is not option if you choose it not to be. If you decide that everything is going to turn out for the best, it will!

Up Your Nose!

Giggles, positive fun, love and laughter are what make our lives worth living!
~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

My sister sent me this photo of herself and I about died laughing! The snail up her nose was too  funny to keep to myself. I had to share it on my blog. My brother-in-law captured this picture a couple of days ago. It is as if the snail is checking to see if my sister is keeping her nose clean. Feel free to share it! Let’s go viral with it. Have a wonderful and wacky Wednesday!

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