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Mother Nature (Dr. Angi’s Law #9)


Mother Nature nurtures all her children with infinite wisdom! ~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Mother Nature at times may appear angry and vengeful with all her weather patterns; but, after every violent storm, there is a glorious calm and cleanliness. Seeds are dispersed in the winds, the vegetation is watered and nourished, and animals bathe and play in the puddles. Temperatures drop to a more comfortable level for everyone. Life goes on. This is just a teeny part of the wisdom Mother Nature bestows upon us.

By genuinely observing Mother Nature and all her creatures, people can learn her wisdom. There are the secrets of the snails and turtles to take your time; and, there is the wisdom of rabbits and deer to stay still and watchful when predators are lurking, as well as to eat your greens. Consider going outdoors and permit yourself to be open and aware to the wisdom of Mother Nature. You only need to carefully observe as you quietly stroll amid Mother Nature.

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