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We Get What We Most Need

Funny how life truly gives you what you most need when you simply relax, embrace love and joy, and live. ~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Okay, so today was a full day. It started with an internal debate, “Should I get up and go to Aqua Zumba or sleep in; it is going to storm, anyway.” Aqua Zumba won. And, I am glad it did, because it is exactly what I needed to get my day started. Yes, the skies looked ominous and overcast. Yes, class was in an outdoor pool. But, it was not storming.

I had fun and felt great after the physical exercise. At the end of Aqua Zumba class, then the thunder could be heard, but it did not start storming until 5 hours later.  After class, my husband and I were able to jump right into our errands (the bank, the hardware store and the dollar store). We had a nice brunch together and got some gardening accomplished (putting wire cages around the tomatoes). I was also able to get in a power nap in the afternoon before evening mass, which was our church patron’s feast day (the Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha).

Today, my friend Kathryn Antyr posted a really great article on her website (True North Arts): What Message Do You Need Right Now? Please, check it out! She is equally inspiring as I am (perhaps more because she has done this longer; I adore her). She promotes so many wonderful ideas. Today she has messages the size of fortune cookie messages that you can print out and use as a prompt for a  journal writing or an art journal experience. I love this idea. I keep a ceramic jar of “Warm Fuzzies” that are filled with my favorite fortune cookie messages and affirmations that I created for myself. Now I am going to add Kathryn’s prompts. This is exactly what I needed today! Thank you Kathryn.

I hope each of you find that you get exactly what you need, too. “What Message Do You Need Right Now?” may be a source for you! Enjoy. Have a great weekend!!

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