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My Top Ten for the Week

Ah, the delight in accomplishment! ~Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Okay, so I have a whole week ahead of me, which includes a brand new month! August is upon us on Wednesday! So, these are the top ten things I would like to get done:

1. Re-organize my computer desk.

2. Organize my art supplies.

3. Organize my research materials.

4. Clear off my art desk and craft table.

5. Get ahead in my writing and art projects.

6. Tweak my exercise routine and menu for the week (and maybe the month of August).

7. Create a time-line for my Friends-Of-The-Library Fall Paperback Book Sale at the Seafood Festival

8. Tie up all the loose ends of all my July projects and look at what needs to be done in August.

9. Consider the upcoming Fall season and flesh out what I would like to accomplish with Hearts That Care.

10. Visualize my future, show up for it by taking a few action steps daily.

Doable, yes! If I take on each one at a time and breaking them into steps. So, the rest of this evening I will chunk this list up into fun and manageable steps. Should I do a before and after picture for some of these? Hmm.

Summer Wish List

It is nearly summer (in the Northern Hemisphere of this world) and school is out for children and teenagers. This is a great time to make a Summer Wish List. There are no rules or directions. Let the list carry on into your imagination and be creative. The warm weather we are experiencing is so relaxing; it invites us to daydream and wish….as in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.

I dream of far off places of rainbows, wishing stars and waterfalls. I wish to see a zillion butterflies and take in the fragrance of honeysuckle and watermelon. I wish to play on the seashore collecting seashells and memories galore. I wish to dance with fireflies underneath the clear summer night skies. What are your Summer Wishes?

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