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God Sees What We Can’t

No one is like the Lord our God, who rules from the heaven. Psalm 113:5

Today’s post is directly from Max Lucado’s Grace For the Moment Volume 2 devotional:

Max Lucado told his story: On a trip to the United Kingdom, our family visited a castle. In the center of the garden sat a maze. Row after row of shoulder-high hedges, led to one dead-end after another. Successfully navigate the labyrinth, and discover the door to a tall tower in the center of the garden. Were you to look at our family pictures of the trip, you’d see four of our five family members standing on the top of the tower. Hmm, someone is still on the ground. Guess who? Yes, me. I was stuck in the foliage. I just couldn’t figure out which way to go.

Ah, but then I heard a voice from above. “Hey, Dad.” I looked up to see Sara, peering through the turret at the top.” You’re going the wrong way,” she explained. “Back up and turn right.”

Do you think I trusted her? I didn’t have to. But do you know what I did? I listened. Her vantage point was better than mine. She was above the maze. She could see what I couldn’t.

God has a different vantage point than we do. This story beautifully illustrates that God sees what we cannot. What is the lesson in this? When we are stuck in our labyrinth of life challenges, trust and listen to God. God will point us in the right direction. We only need to ask through prayer. God will give us courage and signs by putting encouraging, helpful people and/or information in our path.  

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