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Harmony and Happiness


“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ~~ Mahatma Gandhi

Happiness truly begins with our thoughts and when these thoughts are aligned with what we say and do, badda-boom-badda-bing, happiness. How can you not be happy when all three things are in harmony. Reflect upon and examine those times when you have been the happiest. Were your thoughts, words and actions in harmony?

Here is a simple example, when I am working on a piece of artwork or writing, I am thinking to myself this is going to be wonderful…I say to myself, “this is my best work, yet,” as I am working on my project. I am engaged in creating and it evolves into a really wonderful piece, whether it is writing or art. The positive thinking got me to my wonderfully produced piece. The bliss that evolved was from the combination of the thoughts, oral expression and action in alignment. It seems like magic, doesn’t it? “Thoughts become things, make them good ones” (the Universe aka Mike Dooley).

Live as if…

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ~~ Gandhi

Live life to its fullest each and every moment. Savor every second as you take a breath, relax and enjoy. Do as much as you can to make the most of each and every day you are given because we do not know how much more time we will be given. Be deliberate with each and every thing you do such as: getting up in the morning, taking a shower, getting dressed, etc. Invite gratitude into your heart as you have been given another day to relish.

Furthermore, continue to learn as much as you can as if you have all the time in the world. Read, experience and master all those things that interest you and all those things you wish to explore. Enrich your mind with knowledge and memories. The more you learn and experience, the richer your life will feel. It is time to pull out that list of things you always wanted to do and learn, and do them. If not now, when? Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come, today is a gift and that is why it is called the present.  Carpe diem…seize the day. 

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