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What’s Your Social Style?

In ANNOYANCE, 4 social styles/personality groups were discussed: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. One might be able to discern which group he or she may be in; however; today’s readers are provided with an accurate assessment in which they can take to determine their social style. (Assessment © Angela Kowitz Orobko, Ed. D; personality information © Bob Phillips, Kimberly Alyn, and Mary Miscisin)

Rank each group of 4 words/traits as:
1 (not really me); 2 (a bit like me); 3 (almost me); 4 (mostly me).
(If you cannot decide between 2, rank them the same.)

A deep, thoughtful, serious, purposeful
B born leader
C charismatic, storyteller
D patient and well-balanced

E life of the party
F calm, cool, and collected
G dynamic and active
H pays attention to detail

I mediates problems
J sees the problem/challenge
K need for change
L creative and colorful

M volunteers for jobs
N delegates work
O self-sacrificing
P avoids conflict

Q loves people
R gets along with people
S has little need for friends
T seeks friends cautiously

U orderly and organized
V good listener
W structured, sensible, efficient
X enthusiastic, expressive

Y conscientious
Z thinks up new activities
A1 easygoing and relaxed
B1 independent and self-sufficient

C1 sees whole picture
D1 lives in the present
E1 visionary
F1 finds easy way out

G1 moves quickly into action
H1 analytical, research-oriented
I1 not in a hurry
J1 turns disaster into humor

K1 inquisitive
L1 cheerful and bubbly
M1 stimulates activity
N1 good under pressure

O1 spontaneous, impulsive, flexible
P1 goal-oriented
Q1 schedule-oriented
R1 authentic, harmonious, compassionate

S1 Entertaining, adventurous, risk-taking
T1 appreciates beauty
U1 sensitive, nurturing, intuitive
V1 must correct wrongs

W1 kind, pleasant, optimistic
X1 sincere heart
Y1 decisive
Z1 inventive

A2 changeable disposition
B2 protective, mentoring, supportive
C2 strong-willed
D2 faithful and devoted

E2 sensitive to other people
F2 unemotional
G2 has administrative ability
H2 Eager and adaptable

I2 does not hold grudges
J2 exudes confidence
K2 perfectionist
L2 competent, consistent, steady

M2 enjoys watching people
N2 philosophical and poetic
O2 can run anything
P2 good sense of humor

Q2 practical, economical
R2 sympathetic and kind
S2 good on stage
T2 artistic or musical

U2 inspires others to join
V2 seeks practical solutions
W2 can take the good with the bad
X2 idealistic

Y2 establishes goals
Z2 peaceful and agreeable
A3 finds creative solutions
B3 charms people to work

Total each social style using the formulas below:

ALPHA = A+H+J+O+T+U+Y+E1+H1+K1+

BETA = B+G+K+N+S+W+B1+C1+G1+M1+

GAMMA = D+F+I+P+R+V+A1+F1+I1+N1+

DELTA = C+E+L+M+Q+X+Z+D1+J1+L1+

The group with the highest score is dominant social style (which will be 50-80). Tomorrow, the pros/positives and cons/negatives of each social style will be discussed.

These social personality traits are ultimately based on Myers-Briggs and Carl Jung Typology. The scope of this article will not go into the scholarly detail of it, only the practicality. When we have a general sense of the social personalities of others, then we can use this knowledge to create amicable relations at work, with family or with friends.

Feel free to share your results and thoughts in the comments.

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