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Thank goodness for distractions! What? Really? Yes. Think about it. What are distractions? Distractions are those events in our lives that redirect our attentions from the task or circumstance at hand or of the moment.

For example, when one is waiting in a long check-out line at a department store, distractions become a way to pass the time. Striking up a conversation and connecting with someone you do not know can pass the time in a productive way, because now you created an opportunity to build a meaningful relationship.

Sometimes, distractions can be a trigger of other things that also require your attention. Consider this scenario. You have to thoroughly clean your home because you are expecting guests later in the week, you have the radio playing in the background to make it fun and a song comes up that made reference to wasting away in Margaritaville . This distraction reminded you that you need to add Margarita mix and tequila to your shopping list. That would be a good distraction. 

Occasionally, distractions help us get through painful situations, physical pain or mental anguish. A good distraction from any pain is to visualize yourself either in a tranquil place or in the future looking back at the situation. For example, if you need to get a root canal, which can be a physically painful situation, it would be good to distract yourself from the possible pain you may experience by visualizing yourself in a more pleasant situation. 

Distractions also serve as a reminder to give ourselves a break. Say, for example, we are caught up in our work and have been at it for hours because of a pressing deadline. A phone call may serve as a good distraction because although it may have interrupted your flow, over time the quantity will overtake the quality of the work you produce. You will be producing large amounts of essentially mediocre work because you did not allow yourself a break to relax your mind from the task at hand.

Distractions are truly gifts from God. Distractions serve as:  a way to connect with others, a trigger to remind us of other important things in our lives, a method to direct our attention away from pain, and a reminder to take a break now and then. Distractions allow your mind to rest somewhere else for a bit. Yes, sometimes distractions can get you involved in things that are more trivial; but, why not honor that distraction.

You, your mind, body, and soul simply need a break from time to time. The key to distractions is to honor them, be deliberate and say to yourself that you needed the distraction. Genuinely utilize distractions in a positive way so your entire being can reap the benefits of the distraction. Now, did this article serve as a positive distraction for you? SUPER! Now, get back to work. Chuckle, chuckle.


What are memories? Memories are all the big and small events in our life that touched our lives.  They are most often very significant moments of joy or pain. They are snapshot images that flash before our mind’s eye triggering all the emotions that surrounded it.

I wish only to trigger those joyful memories,  but sometimes a painful memory might surface. I honor that painful memory because it makes me who I am today. I now have the opportunity to heal and use that memory to create better memories…joyful and delightful ones. 

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