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Practical Imagination

The imagination does not have to be limited realms of fantasy and unrealistic worlds. You can use your imagination for a practical purpose. What is more pragmatic than coming up with other purposes for common objects? For example, can you imagine other purposes or functions for a paper clip or rubber band?

Paper clips can be used as a tie clip or makeshift fastener if you lose a button. Rubber bands can be used to draw circles or you can make creative stamps by gluing a few down into a pattern onto a block of wood or sturdy cardboard. Consider the following ten items and imagine additional functions or purposes for them other than their original purposes or functions:


Imagining a new purpose for items is quite practical when you have to make do with what you have. For example, suppose you need to add oil to your car and you do not have a funnel handy, you can create one with an empty plastic 2-liter bottle by cutting off the bottom. Plastic 2-liter bottles can be used for so many things like a terrarium or a flotation device. By practicing using your imagination in an exercise similar to the one described here, you will be able to see more easily various ways objects can be used for other purposes.

This type of problem-solving, creativity is a fabulous skill to have!

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