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Garden Update

Dr. Angi, delightful and savvy, how does your garden grow?

With hope and love and all the above  to create a world of joyful glow. 

Below are pictures of our vegetable garden that we started from seeds back in April. It is doing well! We lost a few of the squash; but the tomatoes and basil are doing great!

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In the Garden…

Today has been the perfect day to plant our yellow summer squash seedlings. My husband and I took the opportunity after church services today to do a bit of work/play in our vegetable garden. We started the squash from seeds 20 days ago along with Roma and Beefsteak Tomatoes, Cilantro and Sweet Basil.

Rick, my husband, has been conditioning the soil where the tomatoes and squash are going to go since March. A little planning has gone a long way. I cannot wait until the tomato seedlings are big enough to transfer into the ground. I am looking forward to having some fresh homegrown squash and tomatoes this summer. 

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