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Garden Update

Dr. Angi, delightful and savvy, how does your garden grow?

With hope and love and all the above  to create a world of joyful glow. 

Below are pictures of our vegetable garden that we started from seeds back in April. It is doing well! We lost a few of the squash; but the tomatoes and basil are doing great!

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A Walk in the Woods

The sun’s warmth and the gentle breeze of the season made it an excellent day to just absorb nature. Here are a few of the 240 photos I took today to give you a sense of the loveliness I experienced with my husband and my puppy-dog Sasha. It was both magnificent and magical! Nature’s treasures were alive from dancing butterflies to fragrant honeysuckle. 

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Each of my senses were delighted! I am reminded that God’s presence is everywhere and my heart is filled with thanksgiving. I truly feel blessed! I think sometime this week I will create a painting or two based on these pictures.  Nature has such a soothing effect on the soul. I hope each of you had an equally tranquil day and may you be blessed with a glorious week. 


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