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Simply BLiss-behaving

BLISS-behaving is a term I coined to describe how I enjoy behaving…BLISSFULLY!!! It is fun to BLISS-behave as you are spreading your bliss everywhere you go. It is a positive way to be!

I indulge in happiness and bliss whenever I can even when I may start out feeling blah for whatever reason (the weather or an ailment). As soon as I engage in bliss-behaving, I begin to feel more energetic and joyful. One of my favorite things to do to bliss-behave is to play my favorite music, which is usually upbeat and energetic. Then any activity I do becomes play instead of work or a chore.

Bliss-behaving also describes what I do when IĀ engageĀ others in positive experiences like paying one a compliment, holding open a door, sharing a Gift of Love or simply a smile. It is playful and positive action where love and kindness are spread. And, the more I bliss-behave the more joyful I feel!

What does simply BLISS-behaving mean to you? What can you do to bliss-behave?


Playful, silly and fun.
That is the only way to get things done.
Daunting tasks take on a new skin.
When you add playfulness, you win.

Why must we blindly follow the “rules”.
The word “toys” could be used instead of “tools”.
And why can’t work really be play?
Live for the moment; live for today.

By choosing to see the things we need to do
As fun and play, fun and enthusiasm will shine through.
Imagine all the things we will now get done.
When we simply think of them as silly, playful and fun.

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