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Are You Being Served?


One of my goals is to surround myself with only things that serve me. I have made a zillion (seems like that many) decisions on whether the items are still functional, make my life easier, fit well, have not expired, make me happy and so on. As I was making these decisions today, I thought about how this could also apply to people.

Are the people in my life serving me? Do they love, respect, and/or support me and my dreams? Are they a positive influence? If not, is it possible that I can limit the amount of time I spend with them? Will my love and kindness influence them?

Sometimes, you need to just bless people and move on. They are doing the best they can with what they have experienced in their lives.  And, then limit the amount of time you spend with them, where you can influence them without their negativity affecting  you.

So, why not ask the question, am I being served? Or, how is this item, situation or person serving me? How can I render the item, situation or person such that it will be a positive part of my life? It is also good to remember that I get to decide how I wish to feel about any person, place, situation or thing. And, I can detach myself from outcomes because that is my choice. Are you being served?


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