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Success and Happiness

Success cannot be measured in material things and money; these do not guarantee happiness. Success and happiness come from valuing your abilities, celebrating the positive, appreciating the present and being flexible.
~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

What is success (to me)? Success is my ability to appreciate each moment, to celebrate the positive points in my life, to face the challenges head-on, to be open to learn new things, to be decisive and goal-oriented, and to look forward. Success is what I make of it, as thoughts become reality.

I make a point to think positive thoughts. I try not to entertain negative thoughts especially those of others. Only my thoughts truly count. I count my blessings and appreciate the present moment.

Each hour affords us 3600 seconds to which I wish to use wisely and positively; because once they are spent, they are gone. I cannot get those seconds back. We are not guaranteed time. So, we need to appreciate each moment we have and use each moment to promote joy and love in our lives and in the lives of others.

I try to celebrate the positive aspects of my life. This helps me to stay focused to the important anti-bullying work that I do. Reliving the negative would only serve to distract me sending me into a downward spiral to despair. Why go there? Each of us has an abundance of positive moments in our lives that we can embrace and celebrate. This brings joy to our lives, which is followed by productivity and success.

I embrace new learning experiences and face challenges head-on. I am open to new ideas and opportunities to create a solution. I can detach myself from old ways of thinking when they no longer serve me. Possibilities are endless to those who can see beyond what they think they already know.

Success comes when I have a vision. I look to the future. My past mistakes have given me the fortitude and experiences from which to build. I have learned what does not work. Success becomes inevitable. Happiness follows as I have grown to appreciate myself, my abilities, the present moment and all the loved ones in my life.

Inner Peace (for Feb. 16)

What is inner peace? You are invited to take a deep breath through your nose (if you are not congested) and release it in a deep sigh through your mouth. Do this at least three times and as you exhale, let go of all negative thoughts, concerns and worries. If you are really tense, gently roll your head by dropping your chin down and move your head toward your right ear, continue to roll it slowly as if you are looking upwards, then roll it towards your left ear back to your dropped chin position. Then go in the opposite direction, slowly toward your left ear and around to the right ear and back to the dropped chin position. Now, try the breathing activity again. These exercises should help you to relax and give you a sense of inner peace.

People experience inner peace when they are in balance. Inner peace is a person’s mental and spiritual well-being that is rooted in one’s essence and being. It is a sense of tranquility and satisfaction one feels especially when he or she is in balance. How does one achieve balance?

That is a question that you need to ask yourself. How about doing this backwards, what makes you feel imbalanced and puts you in a state of frenzy, agitation, angst or chaos? A surprise visit from your mother-in-law? Probably anything that is not part of your regularly scheduled program, right? What would set it right again for you?

Can you re-frame your situation so that you are at peace again? Mentally shifting your perspective can give you inner peace. You can work through most challenges inside out by shifting your beliefs around the problem. If that traffic jam causes you to be late to an important meeting, will worry and angst change the situation? What is the positive in this given situation? Does the traffic jam give you time to reflect before your important meeting? Can you actually enjoy that hot beverage you brought with you? How can you make the most of your present moment?

Most of the time the best thing to do is to look at your present situation from a different perspective when things are off-schedule, because hardly anything ever goes as planned. Everything is usually in entropy (going from order to disorder in a closed system). Can you use the present, unplanned moment as a way to make the situation better? Is there a creative, a-ha moment in it? Inner peace is about shifting your perspective and being flexible, which will allow your mental and spiritual being relax in the present moment. All we  have at any given  period of time is now. How you use your present moment will affect your inner peace. You have the power on how you wish to use your present moment. Do you wish to feel inner peace or invite unproductive worry? The choice is up to you. Isn’t that empowering to know?


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